Telarus Capital

Convert residual commissions into working capital customized to your current needs and future goals, while preserving your independence, autonomy, and total equity.

Custom Financing for Every Stage of Your Business

If you’re looking for the funds to meet current and future business objectives and want versatile financing options, Telarus is here to help.


Maintain control of your business


Swiftly access business funding


Solutions fully customized to you

Elevate Your Success with Telarus

Convert residuals into upfront funds to invest or help maintain cash flow to increase growth.

Three business professionals, two men in suits and a woman in a blazer, are standing outdoors in front of modern office buildings. The two men are shaking hands while the woman, representing Telarus Capital, stands between them, smiling and looking at them.

Our capital program makes it possible to unlock funds, preserve evergreen commissions, and tailor your objectives.

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Borrowed capital that’s collateralized by your Telarus commissions without the need for applications or personal guarantees.

A person counting dollar bills at a desk covered with financial documents from Telarus Capital, a calculator, and eyeglasses.

Key Benefits of Telarus Capital

Keep control of your business.

Invest in growing your business.

Preserve opportunities for future capital events. 

Maintain new sales margins without dilution.  

Reduce or eliminate debt.

Drive future liquidity events.

Go Beyond with Telarus

Discover unparalleled insights, access, and guidance to help you succeed and grow.