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CCaaS Tuesday Call(1-19)

February 24, 2021

The January 19th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed back Telarus co-founder and chief product officer, Patrick Oborn with the second of seven product and supplier inside calls. The special guest for this call was Telarus VP of business development – CCaaS, Brandon Knight, to discuss the 2020 review, key objectives for 2021, CCaaS ecosystem, key factors in selecting a vendor, Gartner Magic Quadrant, Telarus CCaaS supplier portfolio, and upcoming educational and certification opportunities. The entire recording is available here.  


CCaaS 2020 Year in Review:

At Telarus, our partner participation went up 24%, the total number of orders increased 44%, and our ARR increased 28%. This all took place during a pandemic year. During this time, Telarus also added new contact center suppliers for 2020, including Frontline, Prodoscore, UJET, Edify, Clear Software, and more.

2021 Key Objectives

Telarus plans to spread its CCaaS expertise across the account management team, SPDM, and engineers to increase internal education and provide more resources for partners. When it comes to partner education, the Academies and Pit Stops have been going well, and there will be more to come. A big move for Telarus is to grow the CCaaS supplier portfolio strategically. There are a good amount of core contact center providers, but the plan is to find more niche and specialty providers for add on features. Lastly, the Academies and Pit Stops have been great for training, but with the LMS and Telarus University, Telarus will be able to provide more in-depth knowledge in the contact center.


CCaaS Ecosystem

The ecosystem is an excellent example of why Telarus has so many suppliers. Suppliers all do similar things and have similar functionality, but they all do them differently.  It is essential to know that all aspects of the supplier need to be factored in when picking the provider for your company.


Key Factors in Selecting a CCaaS Vendor:

There are ten key factors that are important to consider when figuring out which CCaaS vendor works for your business’s needs.

  1. Data Integration/Access points
  2. White-Glove Installation / Implementation
  3. UC/PBX Integrations or Partnering
  4. Ease of doing business
  5. Stability of Network architecture
  6. Omni/Digital Channel Delivery
  7. Workforce Optimization/Management
  8. IVR Functionality
  9. Modular Cost (Ability to add individual elements)
  10. International Deployment Capability


Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS 2020:


Understand the quadrant. All of these suppliers are not created equal, so it is not just about finding a leader. It is about finding the right supplier for your business needs. Sometimes you will need a challenger, a customer might not need a leader, and needs someone who is up and coming who is willing to build and grow with them. This is why all are important in the quadrant.

Telarus CCaaS Supplier Portfolio:

(Full list can be found in the presentation)

  • Core CCaaS providers include Five9, Talkdesk, UJET, Lifesize, Edify, Genesys, and more.
  • Dialer providers include Dialpad, Pure Dialers, Dialer Capable, Five9, LiveVox, and TCN.
  • Workforce management providers include Aspect, Verint, Teleopti, ProScheduler, and more.
  • HIPAA Handling providers include Genesys, UJET, Mitel, Five9, NiceinContact, Talkdesk, and Sharpen.
  • PCI Handling providers include Eckoh and PCI Pal.
  • Gamification providers include Olumo, Prodoscore, VisualCue, Snowfly, and Clearview.
  • Add-on providers include UJET, for automated information feedback, and Verint for the self-service cloud.
  • Quality management providers include Clearview, Nexidia, Aspect, Observe AI, and Call Criteria.
  • CRM integrations include SpiceCSM, Customer Dynamics, and Ivinex.
  • UCaaS integrations include 8×8, Mitel, Avaya, Sharpen, Vonage, and Genesys.

Upcoming Educational & Certification Opportunities: 

Upcoming Telarus Contact Center Academy dates:

February 22 –24, Atlanta, GA.

March 15 – 17, West Palm Beach, FL.

April 19 – 21, Boston, MA.

June 28 – 30, Michigan.

August 23 – 25, San Francisco, CA.

September 27, Houston, TX.

October 25 – 27, Bellevue, WA.


Upcoming Telarus Contact Center Pit Stop dates:

The calendar can be found on our website.

February 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 17th.

March 11th, 16th, and 25th.

April 7th and 15th.

May 4th and 19th.

June 9th.

July 13th and 15th.

October 12th.