Any Cloud, Anywhere!

March 6, 2020

The March 3rd Telarus Tuesday call welcomed GTS advisor & evangelist, Ed Kimm, to talk about how IBM can support your customer’s cloud needs, no matter where it is.  The entire recording is available here.

The IBM Journey

IBM is the world’s most complete cloud and technology provider when it comes to end-to-end orchestration.

Where IBM Wins

  • Globally agnostic supporting non-IBM services
  • Aligns customers’ technology strategies to their business
  • Cloud Cost & Asset Management (MCMP)
  • RedHat + IBM: the world leader in hybrid/multi-cloud management
  • End-to-end Advisory and Consultancy Services (ITaaS)
    • IBM Services Group is the largest service provider in the world
    • Technology Consulting Implementation Services (TCIS)
  • #1 in VMWare SISO of managed workloads (2k + customers)
  • Largest analyst rated cybersecurity company in the world
  • Blue Bench: On-demand staff augmentation
  • The original technology company for over 100 years
  • Only global, fully managed Cloud of their size where agents get paid

IBM is transforming its organization into more of a services and advisory firm. Over the past four years, they’ve spent more than forty billion dollars in mergers and acquisitions; this doesn’t include the thirty-four-billion-dollar acquisition of RedHat. They’re also the leader when it comes to patents, with the highest amount in the U.S. for the 26th consecutive year. Fifty percent of these patents are in new exponential technologies (AI, Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, etc.).

Many people think IBM only works with large companies, and although that was the case year ago, it is no longer true. IBM has become more channel-centric, which means they now have better price points. They touch and work with every industry you can think of.

Acquiring RedHat has helped IBM grow into the public cloud, they are now the largest open source company in the world and are the least vendor blocked. This means companies can easily come in or leave IBM anytime they want without absorbing a huge amount of egress fees.

IBM has created a simple pictograph that shows the methodology of their approach when it comes to cloud:

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