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October 23, 2020

The October 13th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed CoreSite manager of channel sales, Karlee Grant, to discuss all the ways CoreSite can help you. The entire recording is available here.

Why Partners Choose CoreSite


Technology is at the center of our lives, and to support consumers, technology is having to change. All industries are adapting to meet the needs of their tech-savvy clients and employees. Shown below are all the different industries that are moving to a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy to stay relevant to the consumer.

why partners choose coresite

CoreSite offers the platform, connectivity, and reliability that a customer needs. Gartner predicts a six-hundred percent increase in adoption of direct-connect solutions over the next year. CoreSite’s competitive advantage includes:

  • One of only two providers with direct cloud on-ramps to ALL public clouds
  • 325+ cloud and IT service providers
  • 450+ Network providers
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Operate at eight 9’s (99.999999%) across the portfolio
  • 24x7x365 in-house security & operations staff

coresite data center


We see more companies moving towards hybrid; these current hybrid cloud trends impact traditional and born-in-the-cloud enterprises.

  1. Enterprises – Moving to the cloud: Not everything will go into the cloud. This is a perfect use case for a hybrid cloud. Enterprises are currently exploring hybrid environments and figuring out what apps, services, and architecture they will use. They need help.
  2. Born-in-the-Cloud – Moving Away from Cloud: Cloud costs are out of control. Many customers cannot make sense of their bills, and costs are dramatically increasing every month. Companies are hitting an inflection point and bringing workloads back to the data carrier in a hybrid cloud environment.

hybrid-cloud quote

CoreSite is in eight markets across the U.S., with twenty-three data centers. They are also connected to all six major cloud providers. CoreSite’s goal is to help enterprises optimize their hybrid cloud and scale as their business and network needs grow.


Compliance  becomes more critical for customers, and CoreSite is here to ensure that customers have everything they need in a Data Center Provider.


CoreSite is one of the world’s leading data center companies that owns, builds, and operates high-quality network-rich facilities across major U.S. markets.

  • 100% Comp Neutral – CoreSite direct sellers are incented 100% to work with you!
  • Dedicated Solution Architects, Marketing, and Sales/Channel Team – Excellent support on every opportunity.
  • Unique to CoreSite, they support Retail & Wholesale Data Center Builds – That means you have can sell partial cabinets or large wholesale custom builds of 1,000s of Cabinets.
  • Continued Revenue Stream for You – Customers continue to Grow! They will work with you on Renewals and Upgrades to make sure your dollars keep coming.
  • They Help You Build a Hybrid Cloud Business – Revenue opportunities include Data Center, Network, Cloud, and Services. CoreSite has ALL public clouds on-premise inside of its data centers.

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