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How to Maximize Growth Potential with the Telarus Capital

June 16, 2023

Every second week of the month, our Tuesday Partner Call theme is “Telarus Services, Solutions, and Tools” — a chance to learn more about exclusive Telarus offerings specifically tailored for our channel partners to help them grow their business. This week, we welcomed Piero Maniaci, VP of Financial Services, to share how the Telarus Capital can help partners expand their business, increase selling power, and grow market share.

The Telarus Capital was built to provide fast, flexible capital financing to meet partner needs. “The goal is to provide quick access to flexible upfront capital, empowering partners to make any number of compelling business investments of their choice while allowing them to continue to benefit from evergreen residual commission cash flow and maintain full ownership over their business,” said Piero.  

The most common investment use cases include real estate and sales team expansion. A partner shared on the call that they were recently able to double the size of their sales team as a result of the TCP! 

What to know about the Telarus Capital

Financing with Telarus allows you to keep growing – on your terms: These are exciting times for the channel; there’s lots of investment coming in because the revenue businesses generate in this space tends to have favorable long-term performance projections. For partners looking to continue growing their business without being acquired and losing their independence, the TCP is a great option to explore.  

Telarus’s transaction process is faster and less complex than most traditional banks: Our partners are incredibly business savvy and when they identify opportunities, they often just need quick financing to take advantage of them. It takes about 30-60 days to finalize a transaction upon signing an SOW with the TCP team. The process is significantly faster and easier than acquiring a traditional bank loan, which can be layered with complexity and is typically handled by bankers who are not as familiar with the intricacies of the telecom industry.  

By using TCP as their financing source, many partners become revenue neutral in less than 10 months – and continue to grow their share from there. How it works: TCP participants keep an evergreening monthly residual payment greater than the pre-agreed portion of the monthly net commission. As their total commission revenue increases, they retain 100% of the upside from new sales.  

On the call, Piero shared a case study about a partner who converted a portion of their commissions into upfront funds to acquire a new business opportunity to generate 5% MOM growth in revenue. He became revenue neutral in 8 months and continues to grow at the same rate, maintaining his revenue percentages on new sales.  

It’s important to keep in mind that the effectiveness of any strategy is dependent upon your individual facts and circumstances.

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