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How to Boost Business with the Telarus Customer Success Program

May 26, 2023

Chris OtenbakerSr. Director of Customer Success

Call Highlights: How to Boost Business with the Telarus Customer Success Program

May 23rd marked another great turnout for our new Tuesday Partner Call format. Our theme for the 4th Tuesday of each month is Better Business Practices, where you can learn practical knowledge and advice from Telarus experts across marketing, finance, engineering, and more. It was a pleasure to welcome guest presenter Chris Otenbaker, Senior Director of Customer Success. Chris took us through the nuts and bolts of the Telarus Customer Success Program (CSP), followed by an info-packed Q&A session so partners could visualize how to add the CSP to their sales toolbox to help them upsell, renew, and expand their existing accounts.

Call Highlights

  • The Customer Success Program is a proprietary Telarus service designed to help you upsell, renew, and expand your existing accounts. The CSP team actively works for YOU as an extension of your team, eliminating the need for you to find and retain an equivalent level of customer success experts on your own. The result: A proven method to help you grow your existing business so you can spend more time growing new business (or finally take that vacation!) 
  • The CSP team consists of over 13 dedicated account managers and strategists, managing over 100 partners. 
  • CSP prides itself on its Account Management Plus philosophy: The team handles all existing account base tasks such as billing, moves, and trouble tickets, PLUS proactive selling strategies and tactics to engage with your customers at the right time with the right information, helping ensure customers stay and grow with you. 
  • Coming this Summer: A new Quarterly Business Review that includes a multi-page interactive report detailing new account activity, business opportunities, customer-specific trends, and more. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks! 

View the full recording of the May 23 Tuesday Call – Customer Success.   

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Next Tuesday, May 30: Get your list of questions ready for the Tuesday Call Roundtable, featuring Telarus’ senior leadership team! Register here. 

If you’ve never attended a Telarus Tuesday Partner Call, it’s a great way to stay informed about changes in the Channel and get updates on new advancements, news, and announcements from Telarus Suppliers. And with a new format and content, now is the perfect time to come on board.