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Quest and Jabra’s Device as a Service

April 2, 2021

The March 30th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Quest VP sales and partnerships, Adam Burke, and Jabra channel account manager, Nick Baon. Both Adam Burke and Nick Baon joined to discuss their new Device as a Service (DaaS) offering. The entire recording is available here.

Quest and Jabra

Quest Technology Management is a technology integrator, and they believe that IT should be easy. They provide reliable technology with customized requirements that improve productivity and reduce overhead costs. Quests UCaaS and CCaaS offerings are the future of work. They have teamed up for the Telarus Tuesday Call with Jabra, the work from anywhere solution. Jabra has an integrated solution that will get you in front of clients and help you win those UCaaS and CCaaS opportunities.

Device as a Service

Quest is partnering with Jabra to deliver Device as a Service. Quest has been a system integrator technology solution provider for around 38 years. Over the last thirty-eight years, they have seen that people need help to simplify their spending and simplifying what they are doing in technology. They have a significant global presence, and their headquarters is located in northern California. They were struggling with putting a Device as a Service together to augment the business team’s UCaaS and CCaaS opportunities. Thanks to Jabra, Quest is now able to deliver capability as a service. Quest is taking Jabra’s next-generation best-of-breed technology and capabilities and is creating a subscription service to augment your existing sales in UCaaS and CCaaS.


  • Easy subscription process
  • Easy onboarding and purchasing
  • Matches your terms
  • Frictionless experience for both clients and sales partners

Why Jabra?

Jabra partners with many technology companies to test, integrate, and jointly market solutions that customers need in today’s complex working environments. These strategic alliances bring high-value comprehensive solutions to meet their customer’s needs. Below are a few of the companies that Jabra partners with.

Out-of-the-box call control including:

  • Answer/end call
  • Volume and mute
  • Hold

Seamless integration within customers’ existing Cloud platforms

Works with all Jabra call control-enabled audio devices

This call control integration boosts productivity. Integrated call control helps lower average handle time by enabling agents to manage calls and routine workflows faster.

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