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Telarus Tools

Amplify Your Sales and Operations Effectiveness

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Inefficiency Hinders Your Business Effectiveness

Your business landscape is ever-changing, making it crucial for you to be well-versed in market trends, offerings, and suppliers. But even with this knowledge, you’re only as good as the tools and systems you have in place. Without effective tools, you’re battling issues like limited opportunity visibility, inefficient order processes, and unreliable commission payments. This can lead to poor decision-making and, ultimately, lost sales and revenue.

Telarus Tools Boost Your Sales and Operations Management Productivity

Telarus doesn’t just offer training and documentation; we offer a comprehensive, set of tools aimed at supercharging your business operations and sales activities. Telarus Tools is your go-to toolkit that includes a suite of automation and sales utilities designed to elevate your business management and sales success.

Telarus Tools Key Capabilities

  • Simplified Sales and Customer Management
  • Supplier Matching for Customized Solutions
  • Transparent Commission Tracking and Payments
  • Real-time Telecom Product Quoting
  • Streamlined Customer Order Lifecycle Management
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Explore the Telarus Tools Portfolio

Get to know our wide array of specialized tools, each designed to cater to specific business needs.


View, track, and reconcile commissions effortlessly.

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Real-time location-based quotes.

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Generate and manage quotes seamlessly.

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Report Builder

Custom reports made easy.

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Find the ideal solutions for your clients.

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Keep tabs on order statuses with real-time updates.

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Key Benefits of Using Telarus Tools

Optimize Business Growth

Spend less time tracking and more time scaling.

Increase Customer Value

Offer expert guidance and tailored solutions.

Reliable Commission Payments

Trust a transparent and timely payment process.

Precision in Quoting

Real-time quote generation and tracking.

Zero Guesswork

Streamlined order tracking and management.

Make Informed Investment Plans

Gain Insights from Customized Reporting.

What to learn more about all the tools Telarus offers?

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