Networking & Connectivity

Designing Networks with Certainty

June 5, 2020

The June 4th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed channel manager III, Samuel Wolf, to discuss how Sprint’s tier 1 global network and white-glove approach to support will help keep your customers happier longer.  The entire recording is available here.

Sprint Global Wireline Services

Sprint is a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider delivering services in over 155 countries. Sprint’s fully managed and integrated communications solution is designed to enable productive and empowered employees globally. Sprint has an extensive portfolio of solutions, but what we will be focusing on today is what Sprint Wireline does best; this is their VPN services along with their access services. They are a business that focuses on connecting people, places, and things.

Sprint is a Tier 1 global provider; they have an all IP next-generation network. They are one is six in the U.S.  and one in fifteen worldwide with a Tier 1 network , so they peer seamlessly with the other big network provides. Where you will win with Sprint is when it comes to customers that have multiple locations that are dispersed not only nationally but internationally as well.

Another area that Sprint excels at is its Carrier Ethernet Services.

In addition to the Ethernet Private Line, they also have Ethernet Wave Services. This is for customers within the U.S. that need very low latency, high-speed transport.

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