Telarus Project Management

Telarus Project Management is a PMI-certified team that provides unbiased, supplier-agnostic recommendations for your customers, benefitting your ongoing relationships with them by architecting the appropriate solution environment for each use case.

Manage the Complete Solution Adoption Lifecycle

We’re the only technology service distributor providing dedicated project management for new deployments. Our team oversees the entire project to ensure that the supplier and your customer stay aligned and deliver on the customer’s business objectives. 


Design the right solution


Select the right suppliers

Deployment Orchestration

Meet customer objectives

Elevate Your Success with Telarus

With your dedicated team, you’ll design the customer’s ideal technology environment and then construct a proof of concept to demonstrate the solution’s technical capability.

A group of four young adults sits around a table in a bright office space, smiling and laughing together. They have laptops, papers, and pens in front of them, engaged in lively project planning. One person stands, leaning on the table, actively coordinating with the others. The atmosphere is cheerful and collaborative.

We help outline the best supplier options based on the customer’s environment and then prescribe the technologies from the chosen suppliers. Then we prepare, release, and execute supplier-competitive RFPs.

Three business professionals smiling, with a Caucasian man in the foreground and a Black man and a Black woman in the background, standing in an office setting, engaged in project management.

Our experts assist in the contract construction between the customer and supplier, writing a statement of work that includes resources, deliverables, and timelines, with project oversight from start to completion. 

A group of five business professionals engaging in project planning around a table with documents, in a brightly lit office.

Key Benefits of Telarus Project Management

Simplify the process of architecting solutions for the customer.

Give your customer the best technologies at the best price.

Sell any scale solution, from the basic to the most complex.

Mitigate supplier-customer misunderstandings and delays.

Go Beyond with Telarus

Discover unparalleled insights, access, and guidance to help you succeed and grow.