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March 2022 New Suppliers with Telarus

March 29, 2022

This past month Telarus added some new suppliers– these suppliers specialize in IoT, project performance management with gamification, fiber network, video tools, and Cloud services.

BH IoT Group

BH IoT Group builds and executes successful IoT strategies for companies struggling with either understanding where IoT fits into their business ecosystem or those companies who have gotten deeply in IoT and found themselves lost and struggling to see the return on their investment. They understand that successful deployments take experience, flexibility, and a degree of agnosticism to solutions so that technology fits IoT strategies and not vice versa.

At BH IoT, they aren’t just technology providers, offering advice around platforms, devices, and connectivity. They understand the difficulty that final-mile represents, and they design for it from the very start.

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HeyDay Now

Companies are searching for a way to engage and connect with the upcoming workforce. Putting your hours in and collecting a paycheck doesn’t cut it anymore. We are challenged to look at our generational workforce and meet their needs differently. The emerging workforce is looking for purpose, but they crave structure and rewards. Long gone are the days of annual performance reviews.

Growing up in a world where feedback is instant, the modern workforce expects nothing less in the workplace. They are excited by technology and want to show their own creativity and personalization. HeyDay Now provides employers with a solution to meet the emotional needs of their employees, while achieving the business needs of the employer. It is a win-win solution!

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KsFiberNet is continually improving our connectivity map by weaving the lines of communication throughout Kansas. We have laid countless miles of fiber optic cable so rural and urban communities can connect across Kansas and with the nation. Partnering with local access providers allows us to provide an unrivaled reach throughout Kansas and the surrounding states.

KsFiberNet provides reliable, flexible Ethernet and transports long haul, dedicated internet access, and wireless backhaul across the state on our 4,000-plus-mile backbone fiber network. They also operate a 100G statewide backbone for wholesale and enterprise customers and offers the best Ethernet coverage of any carrier in Kansas.

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Finally, a modern telehealth tool for forward-thinking providers. While Markee can be used exclusively for branded HIPAA compliant video calls, it also fills a team-sized “gap” in the tele-therapy space. Chat, call, or direct message your peers in an ultra-exclusive virtual practice. With the increased demand for telemedicine, Markee allows remote and hybrid practices to incorporate their everyday communication needs into one simple tool.

Branded digital rooms feel private and comfortable — improving trust and client outcomes. With a single link, your clients and team won’t be left wondering where to connect.

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Resolve Tech Solutions

Resolve Tech Solutions helps enterprises transform business processes and create new opportunities with digital solutions, SAP-driven applications, and new-age analytics. With their services ranging from Solutions Consulting to IT Services to Strategic Resourcing enables their clients to produce long-term sustainable results, their solution accelerators help businesses implement digital signature solutions faster, and save the environment at large.

Their hands-on technology approach and customer-success-driven mindset help them to deliver value in their client engagements across a variety of enterprise IT programs. Their success in delivering business value to large enterprises stems not only from their employees’ technological excellence, but also from their culture of collaboration and openness.

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