Telarus StatusVue

Telarus StatusVue is a mobile-based order status application that conveniently provides the current progress of customer orders. Get alerts, view supplier details, access a visual order workflow, and see a history of the actions completed for each order.

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Streamline Sales Order Fulfillment

Maintain predictable revenue streams by ensuring active orders are being processed correctly and efficiently. StatusVue uses analytics to understand the entire order process and estimate its completion date.

Unlock Order Intelligence

This provisioning workflow provides visibility into order details and status, allowing you to maintain your focus on sales activities.

Order Detail

Daily insights into customer orders

Status Log

History of order activity

Provisioning Workflow

Prediction of order completion

How StatusVue Helps You

In one convenient location, access streamlined customer order information, solution details, and supplier specifics. Get real-time provisioning status at your fingertips.

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Easily track the status of all your orders by date and understand the activity of your customers via the order summary through the Telarus Agent BackOffice portal. Plus, enjoy seamless, on-the-go access to your account information with our Telarus Mobile App.

Two professionals smiling at the camera while holding a tablet in a brightly lit office setting. The man on the left is wearing a gray suit and blue shirt, and the woman on the right is wearing a white blazer and gray top. Their unified communications setup ensures seamless collaboration.

Easily stay informed of your current order progress and explore detailed tasks with a visual workflow to gain a deeper understanding of the process. Get ahead of order completion dates based on progress and potential delays.

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Key Benefits of StatusVue

Focus on sales activities and business expansion.

Eliminate stress and uncertainty from your order fulfillment process.

Free up your time by automating the tracking of order updates.

Identify, prioritize, and resolve order issues efficiently.

Go Beyond with Telarus

Discover unparalleled insights, access, and guidance to help you succeed and grow.