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The AireSpring Advantage for SD-WAN

April 21, 2021

The April 13th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed AireSpring director of solution engineering, Clinton Devereaux. Clinton Devereaux joined to talk about how AireSpring can help your customers take advantage of SD-WAN solutions, traditional versus SD-WAN, and the monthly SD-WAN boot camps. The entire recording is available here.

What does AireSpring have to offer?

AireSpring is a managed service provider and supplier of network, voice, and technology services. They offer customers these services and solutions:

  • Primary & Backup Network
  • Connectivity
  • Global Private Network
  • Global SD-WAN
  • Domestic Platinum SD-WAN
  • UCaaS / SIP Trunking
  • Voice and Data
  • High Volume LD & Toll-Free Traffic
  • Managed Security

AireSpring’s SD-WAN

Traditional WAN uses MPLS connections that serve as the main path based on the level of security and reliability provided. Broadband is used only for backup or low priority applications because of poor reliability.

Software-defined WAN or SD-WAN used MPLS and Internet/Broadband connections are used actively for all applications. It uses an edge device to measure link performance and sends it to Director, and the Director then determines routing policies, which are then sent to edge devices for implementation. SD-WAN consolidates branch appliances and provides centralized network management and visibility.

5 SD-WAN Business Drivers:

  1. Connecting sites, colos, Clouds, & more quickly, affordably, securely with full visibility
  2. Standardization of technology & level of service to all sites at varying sizes w/QoE/QoS
  3. Reduce IT complexity & costs
  4. Achieve maximum availability
  5. Expand globally into new markets

AireSpring Managed SD-WAN:

VeloCloud is now a part of VMware. Here is what Velo Cloud has to offer.

  • Pricing in the channel now with series 600 edge devices
  • Free DDoS mitigation service with AireSpring gateways
  • Free proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring & resolution support, covering all connectivity, whether provided by AireSpring, or other vendors
  • Flexible Licensing – not forced to buy more than you need. Expand bandwidth dynamically for additional license capacity as you need it
  • Free Granular Configuration Capabilities – customers make configuration changes directly within the SD-WAN Cloud-based portal, providing deep visibility, monitoring, and control
  • Free solutions engineering design services

AireSpring’s SD-WAN Work from Home Package:

AireSpring combines the power of SD-WAN with the reliability of their global enterprise-grade private network. Below is what they offer in their work from home package.

  • VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Model 510 edge device
    • 10Mbps Tunnel License included
  • AirePBX UCaaS Enterprise Seat
    • Includes unlimited outbound calling and 500 toll-free minutes
  • MaX UC Desktop
  • Softphone for Mac or PC supports presence, video calls, voicemail, and more
  • MaX UC Mobile
    • App for iOS and Android
  • MaX meeting video conferencing (based on ZOOM platform)
    • 10 participant license
  • Regularly $115 now $90 per month on a 3-year contract

AireSpring Boot Camps

AireSpring offers an SD-WAN and a Security boot camp. Both boot camps are presented by Mike Chase, the SVP solutions engineering. If you would like to attend a boot camp, please contact your AireSpring channel manager for the next training date to get certified, and you can earn a $150 Amazon gift card.

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