All You Need to Know About Cyber Quick Check

February 25, 2020

The February 25th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed RSI VP of sales & marketing, Trish Kapos, and CISO, Taylor Hersom, to share information on their new co-branded sales enablement tool to fast-track your CyberCompass™ sales. The entire recording is available here.

What is Cyber Quick Check?

Cyber Quick Check is fundamentally a website built by RSI, which allows you to enable a mini risk assessment with your customers. With Cyber Quick Check, partners can go through a twelve question risk assessment that is aligned with some of the biggest requirements in our nation when it comes to cybersecurity and data privacy. It helps your customers to manage cyber risks and achieve IT compliance with leading regulatory requirements. The great thing about Cyber Quick Check is that it was built with Telarus partners in mind; it is a white label opportunity. This means that the Cyber Quick Check website can be modified to show your logo, metrics, contact information, and your sales enabler. It is all about helping you have a conversation about cybersecurity with your customers.

Risk assessments are laborious, time-consuming and difficult to comprehend. That is why RSI has built the Cyber Quick Check tool. The way RSI foresees this tool being utilized is by partners sitting down with their customers and going through this risk assessment with them. When you sit with your customer, you’ll have twelve simple, yes or no, questions and you’ll be able to see the regulation each question is tied to. The Cyber Quick Check tool is interactive in that you can click on the regulation and find more information. This tool contains the question you need to ask, and has them explained in a manner that makes it easy for your customers to know why cybersecurity is important. Partners will also have a unique URL, making it possible for you to embed that wherever you’d like. In summary, Cyber Quick Check is a way for you to have a website that you can brand with your logo and contact information, which can be used as part of a marketing campaign.

Partner Successes

RSI can cater to a variety of organizations. Take a look below to see three different case studies that can outline how adaptive RSI can be.

New Service Launches

Telarus carries ConnexiCore drone flight services in their portfolio, and moving forward, those  channel sales will be running through RSI.

RSI provides the tools to make it easy for partners!

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