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September 23, 2021

The September 14th Telarus Tuesday Call welcomed Koorosh Khashayar, VP of Channel, and Jack Bailey, Director of Enablement, from iland. Join the partner showcase with iland to learn more about threats to your customer’s critical data and how to provide seamless protection. Topics covered include: Opportunities to be a trusted advisor and prevent customers from becoming another headline. Keywords and questions to get discussions started. Analysis of a recent win with iland and Telarus and the solution provided. The entire recording is available here.

About iland

Today iland is an industry-recognized leader in Cloud infrastructure and data protection with team members across four continents and a dozen times zone. iland has been helping customers transform their mission-critical applications to the Secure Cloud for hosting, protection, and recovery for over two decades. They have learned a great deal about exceeding customer expectations from every aspect of the Cloud journey during that time. As a result, they have designed their Cloud services with the supporting capabilities and features that matter most to ensure you have everything you need for success right from the start.

Three technologies that your customers need


Secure Cloud backup for Microsoft 365

The demand for this technology has skyrocketed, allowing for rapid growth. It has 250,000,000+ users, and if customers are not using it yet, chances are they are looking into it. The issue is that Microsoft does not protect it; this means that any data, emails, websites, files, and folders within the system have no backup. It is the customer’s responsibility to protect their 365 data and make sure it is secure.


The BaaS opportunity

On-premise backup is when your customers still have a local footprint in a data center or a hosted environment. They need mission-critical data on those machines that they want to ensure resiliency. Those customers need backup technology to assist them. The secure Cloud backup technology is powered by the company Veeam. They are one of the leading backup service providers globally and have over 400,000 customers.

321 data protection is a critical element for the company.

3 Copies of your data

2 Media types

1 Copy offsite


The DRaaS opportunity

Disaster Recovery is a must-have. If a customer loses a site, they do not have original access, and they can bring those machines and applications online to another site. The majority of customers feel that DR is a must-have. One big drawback of DR is that it is incredibly wasteful for organizations to do it themselves. DR is a perfect fit for the Cloud.

Opening questions to ask your customers

  1. Are you using 365 today? (Or plan to)
  2. Are you keeping an offsite backup copy of your data in the Cloud today?
  3. What is your current approach to DR today?

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