Zayo Group Acquisition of QOS Groups Overview and Offerings

April 21, 2022

The April 19th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Lynn Tinney, SVP of Channel, Zayo Group, and Blaise Brady, Director of Channel, QOS Networks. Zayo and QOS presented an overview of all the new features and insights from the January acquisition of QOS.  They discussed Channel Success Requirements, Partner Support Improvements, and the Zayo/QOS Networks partner ecosystem. The entire recording is available here.

About QOS

QOS is leading the charge in edge-to-cloud managed network services. We deliver solutions that drive application optimization and employee productivity with proprietary software. We create a more robust economic model and lighter footprint without sacrificing security or performance, allowing you to have an impactful customer experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Channel Success Requirements: Relevance and Relationship

A lot of internal work is being performed for our Telarus Partners to correct Zayo’s previous reputation for being “anti-channel”. Not stopping with the channel team, but all Zayo understood this strategic priority’s criticality. This has become not just an investment priority but also a strategic focus. Here are a few things changing and shifting that culture within Zayo.

Relevance: HQ Driven Mutually Importance

  • Differentiation
    • Solution
    • Support
    • Competitive Advantage
  • Margin and Volume
    • Enough of both separations would hurt more than our competitor
  • MKT
    • Zayo Drives Brand
    • Marketing built for partners
    • Demand Gen Priority

Relationship: Field Driven Mutual Commitment

  • Business Plan
    • Executive Commitment
    • Efficient resource alignment
    • Barrier to competition
  • Joint Selling
    • Strategy before commissions
    • The best approach to win
    • Ease of doing business
  • RoE
    • Committed
    • Consistent
    • Communicated

Zayo Critical Partner Support Improvements

What demonstrates the improvements and actions that have been taken are these functions that support the sellers.

  • Revenue Operations
    • Rules of Engagement
    • Partner centered renewal management
    • Partner commissions process
    • Partner portal investigation/investment
  • Customer Success
    • Weekly escalations process
    • Dedicated channel service delivery
    • Improving communications through the lifecycle
  • Solution Architecture
    • Technical talent investments
    • Improved talent alignment
    • API strategy

Zayo + QOS Networks: 1+1 = 3

One of our key messages is the thought process of edge connectivity to the Cloud.

  • Managed Edge Solutions
    • Multi-vendor edge + SD-WAN + Cloudlink: A seamless solution via Zayo
    • Access: BYON, or we can bring ours and our partners
  • Managed Scaled Deployment
    • White glove end to end design
    • A highly automated process enables rapid deployment at scale without human configuration errors
  • AIOPs Driven Digital Experience
    • Analyze multiple data inputs from edge to Cloud and react and respond based on correlated and enriched data
  • Integrated Operations
    • Portal and ITSM integrations allow enterprise customers to consume data quickly across domains

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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