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Change the SD-WAN Conversation

July 29, 2022

The July 26th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Ryan Howard, National Partner Manager, RapidScale. RapidScale wants to change the SD-WAN conversation, and their presentation will show you how. They presented how to have more than a networking conversation, but a security discussion with the Evolution of Edge Networking with a look to the future. They also demonstrated how to work from anywhere with RapidScale SD-WAN. Learn more about what differentiates RapidScale from everyone else. The entire recording is available here.

About RapidScale

Flexible enough for the SMB and powerful enough for the enterprise, RapidScale, a Cox Business company, is a global managed cloud services provider helping organizations increase IT productivity, improve security, and empower remote workforces. Some organizations partner with RapidScale to manage portions of their IT, while others offload it all. Through their global network of data centers and their 24/7/365 high-touch support team, they obsess over creating an exceptional IT experience through a human approach to a managed cloud.

RapidScale’s Fastest Growing Services

The market for SD-WAN MSPs grew more than 30% in revenue in 2021, with experts foreseeing another 30% increase in 2022. 

SD-WAN grew 158% in 2021

SD-WAN business challenges

What kind of business challenges were we solving last year that contributed to this growth? These specific business challenges are triggering many organizations to realize the need for SD-WAN.

Traditional SD-WAN Sales

Are you limiting your potential as a seller?

The focus for many partners today is on connectivity and simplicity – both give the technology and table stakes for any SD-WAN provider. This limits your potential as a seller to develop a sticker relationship focused on essential business outcomes – you only scratch the surface by focusing here.

They come across many people that think about how much money they can save the customer vs. how to improve the customer’s application experience – which leads to the bottom of the barrel, cheap and wide sales and not ultimately improving the client experience.

If the core motivator in the sale is just about saving money, they’re not the right provider. If it’s about other business challenges, that’s where they shine.

Change the Conversation

Dive into these topics to uncover a holistic view of the customer’s IT environment, business drivers, and current challenges beyond connectivity.

  • Network Resiliency
  • Application Performance
  • End-User Experience

Shift from being the telecom advisor to the Trusted IT advisor. By having these discussions, you also open the door to additional cloud discussions. You can move from the telecom advisor to the trusted IT advisor. The network is important, but also start to focus on the LAN and other cloud assets the customer might be leveraging today.

When you’re talking about what apps they have and where they sit, that should guide you to the right SD-WAN provider – not who has the cheapest box and bandwidth needed.

The application perspective – RapidScale understands this side of the business, AND they’ll support your end users.

A Holistic SD-WAN Solution with RapidScale

  • Standard Features
    • Customized Implementation: RapidScale provides fully project-managed, pre-configured, and customized deployments.
    • Industry-Leading Response Times and Client Satisfaction
    • Co-Managed or Fully Managed: Agility and transparency to meet customers’ business model; Admin control for customers.
  • Advanced Features
    • LAN-Side Consulting: Advanced Wi-Fi (IoT, Internet, corporate); DHCP options for hPBX/VoIP; VLAN/VxLAN Segmentation; voice, video, transactional, bulk Internet policy consulting.
    • Full Feature Set
    • Able to support application-level issues, unlike many other providers.
    • Escalation to Vendor
    • Advanced Circuit Management: Full escalation to carrier support. Cox monitored. Continually adding new features.
    • Portal Integration
    • Aggressive Dev Roadmap
    • RapidResponse Support 24/7 US-based, industry-leading response time, 75+ published NPS score.
    • RapidScale Portal: View and manage connected devices, network hardware uptime and locations, billing consumption, carrier escalations, and more.

Uncovering Opportunities

Important Questions

  • Tell me about your branch locations. (# of and location of sites, # of users, etc.)
  • What apps are in use across the WAN to branch sites?
  • What are your three most critical apps?
  • Do you intend to self-install or use pro install services?
  • Do you need visibility and control over applications and websites?

Who’s a Good Fit?

  • Have revenue-generating branches
  • Deploying new applications
  • Protection against outages
  • Due for an MPLS contract renewal
  • Deploying DaaS
  • Have a cloud adoption strategy

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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