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Comcast | Masergy: Change the Conversation, Change the Outcome

April 13, 2023

The April 11th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Ben Bohman, Director of Advanced Solutions, Indirect, and Eric Solomon, Sr. Director of National Partner Sales, at Comcast Business, and Masergy.  Comcast Business | Masergy discussed how they are changing some perceptions and exploring the next 18+ months.  They also dove into case studies and used relevant cases in today’s market. The entire recording can be viewed here.

About Comcast Business

Comcast understands the needs of small businesses because they were one, too. From a startup with 1,200 subscribers, they’ve grown to become a leading technology provider delivering business solutions to over 2 million businesses like yours.  

They are responsible for powering the businesses that power the community, a responsibility they take very seriously. So even when Mother Nature strikes, your business won’t skip a beat because their technicians are constantly monitoring the network and resolving issues before they become problems. This commitment is just one reason why countless businesses trust Comcast Business. 

Change the Conversation Change the Outcome

Masergy’s unique advanced secure network platform has helped Comcast Business and Telarus partners exclusive deals for their clients.  

Case Studies

Case Study: Comcast Business and Masergy Winning Together  

A family-owned and operated printing and direct mail company headquartered in the Northeast US partners with Comcast Business and Masergy to implement a secure network solution.  

Customer Challenge  

  • This printing and direct mail company is pushing everything to the cloud and needs direct secure access to AWS. 
  • Masergy has a core network node at AWS, which makes it the perfect solution for the customer.  
  • However, the cost model was far out of the customer’s budget because of Masergy’s 
    Need for high bandwidth Type 2 access loops.  
  • Access costs alone were over $8,000.   


  • Comcast Business already had an EDI circuit with the customer and an excellent customer relationship.  
  • Masergy re-engaged the partner, letting them know we wanted another opportunity to design the solution within the customer’s budget using Comcast access. 
  • Deal signed: 36-month term, $8,800 MRC. 
  • Two sites with 1G and 10G Access 
  • 10G Port to AWS 
  • 1G Network-Based Firewall 
  • Two (2) FortiGate Routers (500e and a 100F) 
  • Up to 1,000 remote users 
  • Scalable for future growth 

Value Proposition

Higher performing and more reliable Internet connectivity  

  • 99.995% reliability with two Internet connections 
  • Applications use best-performing path, automated policies (SD-WAN) 
  • Real-time applications (Voice) are protected. 

Increased Cybersecurity Posture  

  • Next-generation firewall (Fortinet) 
  • Pre-configured firewall, IDS, and application policies 
  • Endpoint integration and capabilities with simple add-ons 
  • SOC-based Threat Management and Response 

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