State of the Union: Part 4

February 9, 2023

The February 7th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Patrick Oborn, CPO, and Telarus Co-Founder, along with Koby Phillips, VP of Advanced Solutions – Cloud at Telarus. This is part four of the State of the Telarus State of the Union Series: Cloud. You can view the entire recording at

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Advanced Solutions Team

The Advanced Solutions team oversees vetting suppliers to ensure that they are the most up-and-coming advanced suppliers in the industry. They ensure that these suppliers will make a big difference in our Partner customers’ lives. They also help supervise, advise, and consult with the Telarus Sales Engineering and Solution Architect Teams. They are also heavily involved in the Telarus education circuit.

Telarus has segmented the whole ecosystem of the products and services in the portfolio and put them into “technology swim lanes.”

Cloud Swim Lane

  • Cloud Connectivity
    • Data Fabrics
      • Public Cloud Connections
      • AWS Direct Connections
      • AZURE Express Routes
      • Oracle FastConnects
      • CDN
    • Infrastructure: Data Center and Cloud
      • Public Cloud
        • AWS
        • AZURE
        • GCP
        • Oracle Fusion
        • SAP HANA
      • Private Cloud
      • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
      • IaaS
      • PaaS
      • Bare Metal
      • DRaaS
      • BUaaS
      • Data Center Colocation
    • Storage
      • Cloud-Based Storage
        • Object
        • File
        • Block
      • License and Application
        • Software License Management
        • ERP Management
        • Software License Optimization
        • Software License
      • Managed and Professional SVCS:
        • Helpdesk as a service
        • ITO – IT Outsourcing
        • Cloud Migration
        • Application Management (ERP, CRM, etc.)

Cloud Infrastructure – The Numbers

Partners have begun to mature in their understanding of the cloud and are now looking for those deals.  They are more comfortable talking about the cloud to their clients.  Most Advanced Solutions interconnect and help our partners to close deals with the Telarus Engineering Team.

Cloud Top 10

2023: Key Objectives 

  • Ecosystem Expansion
    • There are targeted suppliers that Telarus is aiming to bring on as Telarus Suppliers.
  • Partner Education
    • Our new format for events will be very impactful for partners.
  • Grow Technology Access in the Supplier Portfolio
    • As Telarus grows in technology, we will always back it with the right resource to help support our partners.
  • Additional Cloud Engineering and Solution Architects Resources
  • T.A.R. Alignment

All Data Centers Are Not Equal

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording at Telarus University. You can view the entire recording at

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