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8-question pop quiz: The business case for SASE

April 8, 2022

The April 5th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Chris Alberding, Sr. Director, SD-WAN and Security, Windstream. Windstream presented an extended Q&A with eight essential questions.  Watch this video to learn about Windstream Enterprise Differentiation, Windstream Offerings, etc. The entire recording is available here.

About Windstream

Businesses like yours trust Windstream Enterprise as their single source for a high-performance network and award-winning suite of connectivity, collaboration, and security solutions. All delivered by a team of technology experts whose success is directly tied to their client’s complete satisfaction.

Question 1: What do these industries have in common?

Answer: Movement and Change

Especially in today’s environment, movement and change are happening everywhere.  Such as HQ relocations, employees becoming remote, bank branches moving, and devices moving with end-users, to name a few.  The Challenges around change are constant.

Question 2: Do you know who loves this movement?

Customers don’t like all this movement because it’s a lot of work, activity, change, and challenging to manage.


Security breaches, bad actors, and people looking to expose weaknesses.  The challenge with movement and change is that it creates opportunities for defects and potential threats to exploit and invade the network.

Questions 3-7: What if….?

  • What if you could “see” security risks and dynamically change security policies for every user and device on your network?
  • What if you could eliminate the CAPEX and complexity of dozens of disparate devices failing to secure your network?
  • What if you need to support constant changes in branch locations, bandwidth, and access methods?
  • What if you could mitigate the data security risks associated with a remote workforce and cloud applications?
  • What if you could “see” and make changes to your application prioritization in real-time—or better yet—automate them?

Question 8: What if you need to do all of this with tight budgets, timelines, and limited IT, staff?

You can start with a single pane of glass with Windstream Enterprise Secure Access Service Edge.  It gives you the ability to answer those eight questions very simply and intuitively.  

Secure Access Service Edge from Windstream Enterprise

Integrated network and security managed your way.

  • SD-WAN supports the ability of a network to flex and change to support this movement
  • SASE is a framework that integrates security with SD-WAN for every one of those moving endpoints
  • Now, all network and security settings can be controlled, synchronized, and automated from a single pane of glass
  • Windstream Enterprise is the first and only MSP to deliver a complete cloud-native SASE solution to the market

Windstream Enterprise – SASE Framework

Here are the components of SD-WAN

  • SD-WAN: Optimize application performance and uptime
  • SWG: Safeguard users from malicious traffic and website threats
  • FWaaS: Protect WAN and internet traffic, eliminates on-premises appliances
  • ZTNA: Protect remote users and enforce security policies dynamically
  • CASB: Protect against cloud security risks and enforce security policies

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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