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Selling Over the Top – Managed Services

April 29, 2022

The April 26th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Mark Palmer, VP of Managed Services, Granite. Granite will be presenting three Strategic Advantages of Granite’s Managed Service Platform that can get partners paid faster than ever and faster than POTS! The entire recording is available here.

About Granite

Granite provides one-stop solutions for voice, data, Internet, wireless, video, and secure network options throughout the United States and Canada. Granite understands that no two businesses are run the same way and will create a flexible communications solution tailored to each customer’s needs today and in the future. Granite’s scalability allows your business to grow with imminent demand.

Selling Over the Top – Managed Services

Why Is Granite Here

  • More MRR
  • More Commission
    • Easy Money
  • Sticky Customers
  • Happy Customers

These reasons are some of the best ways to provide for your customer base.

Strategic Advantages

Ensure that you ask the right questions about Managed Services, when something breaks, and how they can serve their customers better. Successful partners ask insightful and detailed questions. Questions like those can lead to more significant opportunities and sales. This becomes a gateway into everything else that a partner can do to help customers.

Granite has more than tripled the percentage of sales that have some sort of managed services over the last two years. A big piece of that is in conjunction with the pandemic. There are two reasons for this. One, many customers streamlined their companies early on in the pandemic to do more with fewer people. Two, the “great resignation” and many people working from home created a boom for IT. Specifically, security IT.

  • Ask The Question
    • Advanced Monitoring
  • Taking over Existing
    • SDWAN
    • Firewalls
    • Switches
    • Wi-Fi
    • Routers
      • Renew SDWAN
      • Clients do not want to manage in house
    • API into Ticketing Platform

Granite Portal

Mark discussed how the portal works and user cases for this product in detail. Please reach out the Mark directly to learn more about this intriguing product.

Telarus Founder Patrick Oborn and Mark Palmer hosted an insightful Q&A at the end of the presentation, giving more insight into what differentiates Granite from everyone else. Please view the call to see all the information shared with partners.

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For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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