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Replicant: Contact Center Automation

March 9, 2023

The March 7th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Lexy Thompson, National Channel Manager, Replicant.  Replicant is a single platform to automate and resolve the most common customer service issues without waiting over the phone, text, and chat, freeing agents to focus on more complex and nuanced conversations with customers. Lexy demonstrated a live demo of the platform, addressed where Replicant fits in the market, and how we can integrate with customers’ existing tech stack. The entire recording can be viewed here.

About Replicant

Replicant’s platform allows consumers to engage in natural conversations across voice, messaging, and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues without the wait, 24/7.

Contact Center Automation

Replicant is like having an infinite supply of your best agents. 

  • Pre-built components
  • Up and running in weeks
  • Scale up or down instantly.
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increased agent engagement
  • Deep insights into customer conversations
  • Pay for what you use.

With Replicant, it is like having an infinite supply of your best agents available anytime.

Scale up or down instantly.
Answer calls 24/7 and eliminates wait times regardless of call volumes and unexpected spikes.

First contact resolution.
Resolve customer issues with natural, human-like AI-powered conversations that recognize customer intent.

Deep insights into customer conversations.
Get real-time, searchable insights into call transcripts with auto-tagged dispositions and measure call drivers with advanced analytics.

Up and running in weeks.
Get started quickly with pre-built components that work out-of-the-box and scale conversational design best practices specific to any use case or industry.

Pay only for what you use.
Scale capacity up or down without upfront commitments, fixed charges, or maintenance fees. 

Delivering Complex Conversations

What makes Replicant different is their ability to have natural human-to-machine conversations. Their proprietary NLU engine is built from the ground up based on millions of customer service conversations. Unlike some generic conversational ai solutions, their Thinking Machines are trained on data specific to resolving common customer service issues, resulting in faster processing of unstructured data and entity extraction and the ability to handle multi-intent inquiries. This allows customers to speak naturally instead of using keywords and encourages adoption. Because of their in-house expertise and goal of resolving instead of deflecting customer conversations, their inference classification outperforms competitors by almost 20%, meaning that customers won’t have to repeat themselves, will feel understood, and can speak in an industry-specific language without any friction. 

Delivering Complex Conversations

  1. Battle-tested. The Thinking Machine is built on pre-trained models and shared intent libraries that we have used on millions of conversations. Take Doordash, for example; they’re automating 35,000 calls for them daily. That’s ¾ of a million calls per month that our thinking machine is learning from – and that’s just one customer… Not to mention, DoorDash is seeing a 94% resolution rate – meaning it works.
  2. Replicant can get you up and running in weeks, not months, because of their pre-built industry and use of case-specific conversational components. AAA, for example, was up and running in just eight weeks – which is pretty standard for their customers.
  3. At Replicant, they partner with you to focus on resolving your contact center engagements, not deflecting them. That’s why they can guarantee an industry-leading resolution rate. CAA has increased its resolution rate by 2X
  4. You’ll see business-changing results in months. Their customer, OnProcess, already sees a 35% net monthly savings in 5 months.

A Natural Fit Within Your Tech Stack 

The Thinking Machine is their AI brain that powers all conversations (central AI brain). Conversation Builder is how they build machine-to-human conversations, and they can do it faster with Replicant Powers (pre-built conversation components). Once these conversations are built, they easily integrate them into existing contact center software across every channel (voice, messaging, and digital channels). After the conversations are live with customers, they monitor them in their dashboard, get analytics on them, and take action by updating anything that needs to be fixed. They also pass off to agents for cases that Replicant can’t resolve.

For more detailed information discussed in the call and for a live demonstration of the Replicant Contact Center Solution, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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