CableFinder for Telarus

Telarus and CableFinder have integrated the market-leading broadband serviceability and quoting tool within the Telarus BackOffice to expand existing quoting options and accelerate the order lifecycle.

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Seamless Experience for Serviceability, Quoting, and Orders

You need to specify broadband services from top telecom providers and want the best tools to swiftly qualify and close broadband deals for your Telarus opportunities.  To meet these daily sales goals, Telarus has partnered with CableFinder to give you, the market-leading sales tool for broadband services seamlessly integrated with Telarus Quote Experience.  It enables you to qualify serviceability, generate quotes, construct contracts, and place customer orders with a select group of large broadband service suppliers. 

CableFinder for Telarus Expands Your Quote Options

Qualify, price, and quote any of your customers broadband services needs. Understand and quote broadband service options in real time.


Understand and quote broadband service options in real-time


Use CableFinder or Telarus GeoQuote to fulfill any quote needs


Simultaneously create customer records when generating CableFinder quotes

How CableFinder for Telarus Helps You

Generate targeted supplier pricing immediately from pre-filtered search. Also receive real-time broadband pricing promotions and sales status updates. Includes the ability to determine broadband serviceability quickly without an existing customer record.

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Experience multiple supplier options for qualifying and managing broadband deals and issue proposals using your company brand. Then use decision criteria to determine when to quote with CableFinder or Telarus GeoQuote. 

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Create Docusign contracts automatically. Create and synchronize CableFinder activities with Telarus customer records, and leverage advanced sales tracking, commissions, workflows, and reporting for CableFinder within Telarus.

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Key Benefits of CableFinder for Telarus

Qualify serviceability to order within minutes, not hours or days. 

Spend less time on back-office tasks to focus efforts on closing more deals.

Increase your customer potential with more broadband options. 

Always choose the right supplier solutions for your customers. 

Reduce human error with streamlined connections from quote to paid income.

Avoid order installation delays that hold up your commissions. 

CableFinder Education

Explore Telarus University to learning more about CableFinder for Telarus.

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