Cybersecurity: The Need to Knows

January 25, 2021

Cyberattacks on businesses are constantly evolving which only brings more danger to consumers and employeesthis is why Cybersecurity is so important. Cybersecurity services are provided by suppliers to protect, detect, and remediate business from malicious attacks. Telarus has partnered with some of the top Cybersecurity suppliers in the world that offer everything from evaluations, network monitoring, data and device protection, remediation, and compliance.  

What are the benefits? 

Cybersecurity has never been more critical to businesses of all sizes. From the Fortune 500 to SMB, for any business to survive, they need some level of protection from malicious Cyberattacks. With most businesses using the internet, there has never been a better opportunity for partners to sell security services. Even if a customer has a prevention/protection system, the Cybersecurity landscape is always evolving, which means there are always new opportunities. It is also good to know the type of MRR that this product brings to the table ($3,000 + MRC, 3 – 5-year contracts).     

Ways Telarus supports you. 

  • Sign up for a “Telarus Security Training Pit Stop” to hear three suppliers give a presentation on the security services they offer. This is followed by a round table discussion where partners have the opportunity to ask security experts questions.   
  • Schedule a call with Telarus’ VP of Cybersecurity, Dominique Singer, to learn about selling security services to your customers and prospects.   
  • Use the CCaaS Matric in the Telarus Back Office for supplier features, functionality, and common integrations.   
  • Telarus sales engineers are available to join partners on discovery calls with prospects. Engineers can be white-labeled as a member of your own company.  

Have questions? Contact our team and ask away!