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Sharpen: The Agent-First Contact Center Platform

April 8, 2021

The April 6th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Sharpen senior director of channels, Ritch Caudill. Ritch Caudill joined to how Sharpen helps your customers solve their problems with high-touch partnerships, easy omnichannel deployments, and analytics that are so rich that Sharpen offers an ROI guarantee. The entire recording is available here.

Why Sharpen?

Sharpen is an agent-first contact center solution. Their most significant focus is providing agents the contact center tools that they need to be successful. They have found that agent experience directly correlates to customer experience, and this experience has remained flat for the past 20+ years. This is why they want to directly impact the life of an agent and improve their day in the life by giving them the necessary tools, simplify their job, and make sure they get the data and metrics at their fingertips. They can perform their job effectively and efficiently, so their satisfaction directly impacts customer satisfaction.

ROI Guarantee

Sharpen guarantees that you will see at least 5-15% ROI or get your money back.

You choose the three metrics that matter most to your contact center. Sharpen will then help you establish baseline performance, see the lift, and realize the ROI. Agents can learn Sharpen’s agent-first tools quickly, and the system itself is fantastic. If you do not see a 5% reduction in required agent hours, then a 100% refund is offered.

What Customers Have to Say

  • Our customers continue to complement our modern-looking, data-driven, and easy-to-use CCaaS platform. We offer tools for reports, analytics, and WFRM that are easy for agents to use. We expand the system as needed, and this includes all seasonal licenses.
  • This is a list of what is included in the platform.
  • Voice, chat, SMS/MMS, digital, email.
  • Quality management, performance management, analytics.
  • Dedicated support manager.
  • Inbound local & long-distance charges
  • Unlimited voice recording storage
  • Transcription & Screen recording features

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