Telarus Agent BackOffice

A complete resource and customer management system that enables you to manage customers, connect with suppliers and Telarus team members, request sales and business support, and get real-time updates on Telarus and the market.

A man analyzes data on a laptop at a desk with graphs displayed on a monitor in a bright backoffice space.

Boost Your Business with Performance Management

Manage your complete sales cycle with your customers—from customer creation and contact tracking to real-time pricing, solution decision matrices, and reporting on your commission stream. Plus, exclusive access to marketing, training, and sales resources and tools.

Efficiency & Support for Business Growth

Telarus Agent BackOffice solves your customer and marketing challenges with proper tools and training. 


Manage your customers with ease


Enlist Telarus Teams to support your sales


Access business tools and training resources when you need them

How Agent BackOffice Helps You

A central hub to manage your customers and sales, request assistance or information for your deals, and automate your daily sales activities to progress your opportunities. 

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Get deal, pricing, and commission assistance quickly while effortlessly navigating the entire supplier knowledge base to find vendor contacts easily. Leverage ready-made marketing content and tools for your digital and offline marketing efforts.

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You have access to video training resources for any Telarus offering to continually upskill. Improve your techniques by leveraging daily reports for commissions, inactive and lost prospects, and agent recruitment.

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Key Benefits of Agent BackOffice

Improve the quality of your sales funnel.

Increase your pipeline.

Don’t need to purchase third-party CRM or sales systems.

Understand which customers provide the greatest return for your sales efforts.

Agent BackOffice Education

Explore Telarus University learning for Agent BackOffice and learn how to streamline your workflow and access all the information you need to be a successful advisor.

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Go Beyond with Telarus

Discover unparalleled insights, access, and guidance to help you succeed and grow.