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Turn Every Agent Into Your Best Brand Representative with Voice AI

March 23, 2020

The March 17th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed director of reseller & alliances, Jordan Yeates, to talk about the benefits of Voice AI and the value analytics-enabled Quality Management brings to contact centers.  The entire recording is available here.

What is Voice AI?

With a strong technology background and a deep understanding of the contact center space, the Observe.AI team came together to create a voice AI platform that truly creates value for its customers. Observe.AI’s founders have built a Speech Analytics and Quality Management & Coaching product from the ground up, which allows your customers to get much better data.

Observe.AI is a Voice AI platform that can ingest any recording along with metadata from any CCaaS or UCaaS product and give your customer an actual view of what’s going on within your contact center. It allows your customers to be 100% compliant.

Within the architecture, all Observe.AI will simply set up an SFTP within your customers’ Contact Center, UCaaS, or Cloud product. To ease any concerns your customers might have, they can ingest the recordings and data through the SFTP, which means it’s secure and encrypted. They also set up an S3 bucket for each customer. Here what the architecture looks like:

So, why Observe.AI?

  • Best Speech Recognition for Contact Centers – Recognized as #1 in Enterprise Support for speech transcription, Observe.AI offers higher accuracy than Google and Amazon. Their AI transcribes voice from millions of calls each week and improves with each call. SpeechNLP even picks up terms specific to your customer’s business, allowing for deeper insights and analysis.
  • Detect Silence Types – Silences in calls provide revealing insights into where agents need more coaching. They identify every type of silence, including its cause and length. We differentiate between Dead Air, Hold Time, and more to accurately gauge performance.
  • Measure Customer Sentiments –AI provides context on customer sentiment by tagging all instances of strong emotion displayed towards the business & agents. Identify agents who turn customer’s negativity around or reach out to unsatisfied customers to ensure exemplary service.
  • Auto-Redact Sensitive Data – They know how important the safety & security of a customer’s PII and PCI data are to the business. Their technology automatically redacts all sensitive data from both audio and call transcripts, ensuring that the entire platform is compliant.

One of the best parts about Observe.AI is that you can go live within three to four weeks. Here is what their process looks like:

Using Observe.AI gives you powerful results.

  • 100% quality and compliance tracking (up from 1-2%)
  • Quality-check a 30-minute call in just a few minutes.
  • Provide agents with 10X more feedback per month & reduce onboarding time by 20%.
  • 5% lift in CSAT scores and improvements in supervisor escalations, negative Sentiment, and Dead Air.

Help your customers join the hundreds of top brands who’ve transformed their Contact Centers with Voice AI.