Telarus Quote Experience

Telarus Quote Experience is a comprehensive set of tools and services that provides a flexible, streamlined process to qualify, negotiate, and process orders for broadband, voice, and unified communication opportunities from certified suppliers.

Quoting Options that Meet Your Needs

Telarus Quote Experience is for technology advisors who need to specify communications solutions that best align with each customer’s unique needs and who want flexibility and breadth in sourcing supplier offerings to be competitive in their sales opportunities


Telecom leaders and specialized suppliers


Breadth of serviceability and quoting options


One place for qualification, quoting, orders, and commissions

Elevate Your Success with Telarus

Over 80 mature supplier relationships with industry-leading solutions and advanced services.

Five professionals using SolutionVue on laptops and digital tablets while interacting against a gray background.

Broad capabilities for qualifying and managing opportunities are enhanced with quote guidance to ensure the right choice for each customer’s unique needs. Additionally, there is the ability to view the status and details of all quotes simultaneously.

Two professionals in business attire, a man holding a notebook and a woman with a laptop, smiling and conversing about mobility solutions in an office building corridor.

Qualify, quote, process orders, and manage commissions all from one system; streamline your operations with intuitive workflows, comprehensive dashboards, and insightful reports that keep you in command of quotes, orders, and commissions. Leverage Telarus Services for unparalleled order support, commission reconciliation, and ongoing education.

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Key Benefits of Telarus Quote Experience

Quoting options fulfill the breadth of technology advisor needs for broadband, voice, and UCaaS.

Elimination of switching within multiple systems reduces administrative efforts.

Real-time quoting from a large supplier base enables efficient handling of more deals.

Real-time access to supplier and pricing information ensures accurate and prompt quoting, increasing customer satisfaction.

Telarus proactively engages on your behalf to get every cent in commission you are owed.

Go Beyond with Telarus

Discover unparalleled insights, access, and guidance to help you succeed and grow.