Supplier Roundtable with Expedient, RapidScale, and Thrive

September 7, 2023

During this week’s Tuesday Partner Call hosted by Koby Phillips, VP of Cloud Practice, Telarus, we discussed some of the latest trends in cloud and cybersecurity with our friends from Expedient, RapidScale, and Thrive. Check out the summary below, and be sure to listen to the full recording for even more valuable insights to fuel your business.

Here’s a glimpse at what we covered:

  • Cost management and migration strategy: Stacy highlighted the opportunity for cost savings by migrating customers from on-prem systems to private or hybrid cloud solutions (i.e., beyond AWS/Azure/Google Cloud)
    • Derek and Koby offered some basic entry-point questions to uncover new opportunities:  
      • Do you have a cloud strategy, are you looking to move away from a legacy system?  
      • When was the last time you evaluated optimization and modernization? Do you have the resources to start utilizing containers and/or more modular data sets that can improve your efficiency? 
      • What is your back-up and disaster recovery plan? Are you regularly testing it? (An especially great question for any company with multiple data system sites!) 
  • Challenging the “I Have AWS, I Have Everything” Myth: Therese shared an excellent tip for how to get the real story out of your customers and uncover hidden needs:  
    • Congratulate prospects on their existing setup and ask how they manage everything with a single solution. This often reveals gaps or unaddressed challenges. 
  • Managing Up and Out: As tech teams face ongoing resource constraints, more and more companies are outsourcing complex tasks, including cybersecurity insurance compliance 
    • To put existing IT staff’s job security fears to rest, consider Therese’s approach: “RapidScale helps with managing the cloud environment, but we aren’t looking at replacing any jobs. It’s quite the opposite. We want to take hardware management off their plate so they can drive more strategy.” 

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View the full recording of the September 5th Tuesday Call.   

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