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Prodoscore Productivity Solutions

April 22, 2021

The April 20th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Prodoscore chief strategy officer, Thomas Moran. Thomas Moran joined to talk about the Prodoscore productivity solutions and the resulting actionable insights that help build your client’s business. The entire recording is available here.

Prodoscore Overview

Prodoscore offers productivity intelligence, valuable business insights giving leaders visibility into employee productivity. Prodoscore uses machine learning, AI, and natural language processing, to measures thousands of daily activity points across business applications that are already in use. They generate actionable analytics that measures productivity and create immediate opportunities for process improvement while respecting employee privacy.

Prodoscore had a survey that showed that 90% of employees are open to their employer having visibility into their daily productivity.

The Problem

It can be challenging to know if your teams are working effectively and being productive while in the office. This can be even more challenging to know now that most businesses have sent their employees to work from home.

  • Teams may be distributed (across offices, homes, cities)
  • There is no way to measure or demonstrate engagement
  • Visibility into daily activity is lacking for employees and leaders
  • Data is needed to manage outcomes lives in disparate systems

The Solution

Prodoscore has created a system so that employers can get an understanding of their employee’s productivity. This productivity intelligence uses actionable insights that generate visibility into daily engagement and drive employee success. Prodoscore integrates with your Cloud tools, capturing and analyzing rich data to provide leading indicators around employee behavior and daily activity.

The Insight

Visibility into a workday can provide critical insights. The Prodoscore dashboard gives the productivity-based score for each employee.

Poor Score Qualities:

  • Not using Cloud tools
  • Off message and out of sync with the process
  • Not putting in the hours
  • Unlikely to meet goals and objectives

High Score Qualities:

  • Likely to deliver results
  • Top performers
  • Diligent and structured with company process
  • High adopters of Cloud tools 

The Technology and Advantages

The technology for this system is quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data based on ML, NLP, and AI. It uses a complex algorithm to generate a daily score, provide simple reporting, give API-based integrations, and uses a single sign-on.

Advantages include:

  • 15-minute installation
  • Easy to use UI
  • End-user visibility
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Highest level Cloud security

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