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Special Demo & Discussion: New Back Office Tools for Quotes and Commissions

September 13, 2023

In case you missed it: Check out the brand new Telarus tools built to enhance your business management operations. Michael Brown, VP of Technology in IT and Operations​, Telarus​, joined this week’s “Tools and Training” themed Tuesday Call for an engaging demo of QuoteVue and Report Builder. View the full call recording here.

Telarus QuoteVue brings more transparency and customizability to the supplier quoting process – in real time. It eliminates manual tracking of quotes and provides immediate connection with the right Telarus resources for rapid answers to questions and mitigation of discrepancies. QuoteVue enables technology advisors to quickly see all quotes by opportunity, customer, status, and line-item information and easily identify and contact the assigned Telarus team member at any point in the process.

Telarus Report Builder is an extension of commission reporting, providing enhanced reporting flexibility and control over commission information. Report Builder allows technology advisors to customize Telarus-provided commission reports, build custom reports, and export commission data to third-party reporting tools to easily navigate and analyze commission details, trends, and variances.  

Not only is Report Builder a great tool for exporting commissions data in just the way you want to see it but it’s also a valuable business planning tool as you start to strategize for 2024!  

QuoteVue and Report Builder are now available to all Telarus technology advisors through the Agent Back Office. 

For more information about QuoteVue and Report Builder, please visit 

View the full recording of the September 12th Tuesday Call.   

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