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May 30 Tuesday Call

June 2, 2023

Partners Take the Mic with Telarus Leadership in Q&A Session

Telarus partners had a chance to ask questions and learn top tips of the trade from our senior leadership team during this week’s Tuesday Partner Call: “Ask the S.L.T.” This is a special track of our new weekly call format that only happens on the fifth Tuesday of the month/four times per year.

Here are a few highlights from the call, but we encourage you to listen to the full recording to get the most out of this engaging session with CEO Adam Edwards, CPO Patrick Oborn, and CCO Richard Murray.

On how to hit more home runs in business…

Question: What is an uncommon question in the industry we should be asking ourselves and others?

Adam: More curious questions elicit better quality answers and sales conversations. One of my favorite quotes is from Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s longtime business partner. He said: “My system in life is to figure out what’s really stupid and then avoid it.” Mr. Munger and Mr. Buffett have made more money by avoiding dumb things. So, learn from other people and their experiences, ask them what mistakes they made, what makes them successful.

Question: How do people learn to ask better questions?

Patrick: Like anything else, it takes practice. Be curious. What are you hearing out there? I highly recommend the book Power Questions by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas. [It includes hundreds of key questions that can lead to deeper meaningful answers.]

On how Telarus supports partner growth…

Question: What do you feel are key growth areas for partners and clients in the next few years?

Richard: We’ll have continued growth in cloud, cybersecurity, mobility – all the solutions that are being remotely delivered and that are complex. And as always, we’ll stay at the forefront of new technologies that will help our partners advance their customers’ business into the future. For example, CX global spending is estimated to be a [$640 billion industry (IDC)]. It’s not just about the call center, but [the huge demand from customers for digital solutions in general and that companies are willing to invest in future-ready systems.]

We are looking at all the suppliers who can deliver on these advanced solutions. We get over 30 incoming supplier requests per month, and we grade them on a specific, strategic set of criteria. What’s the demand? How robust and unique is the technology? Then we prioritize and only pick the best.

Question: How does Telarus support smaller partners?

Patrick: We consider ourselves a technology information broker because we provide insights and resources you really can’t find anywhere else, so you can pass those on to your customers. We strive to do everything we can to ensure you’re providing the right recommendations and advice to your customers – after all, your and their reputation is on the line. Our education resources are a hidden gem for small businesses. Telarus University is designed to deliver online training, supplier education, and Telarus best practices to partners with all levels of expertise, that can be completed at your own pace.

We also have automated tools so you can tap into the collective mindshare of our expert engineers regarding which suppliers to choose. They update our database every month to account for constant changes in the supplier space.

On what partners can expect from the Partner Summit this summer…

Adam: The Partner Summit is our #1 pinnacle education event – all suppliers and partners are encouraged to attend. It’s not only about getting together as a community and having fun, but it’s also a huge educational opportunity. All of our Advanced Solutions leads will be talking about newly launched tools and tech and what’s coming next. Partners have multiple opportunities to network with peers and exchange ideas. And of course, there’s Patrick’s favorite: the 5K fundraiser run. New this year, Richard will be leading a session just for suppliers so they can better understand our partners’ business goals and challenges.

Other hot topics covered on the call:

What’s the best way for partners to evaluate new suppliers and technology (AI, etc) ?
What’s the outlook for supplier engagement in the channel?
Where can you find SolutionVue?
How does Adam really feel about ChatGPT?

View the full recording of the May 30 Tuesday Call

We hope to see you at the 2023 Telarus Partner Summit in Texas, July 31 – August 2. Learn more and register here.

If you’ve never attended a Telarus Tuesday Partner Call, it’s a great way to stay informed about changes in the Channel and get updates on new advancements, news, and announcements from Telarus Suppliers. And with a new format and content, now is the perfect time to come on board.