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State of the Union: Part 2

January 30, 2023

The January 24th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Patrick Oborn, CPO and Telarus Co-Founder, along with  Shane Speakman, VP of Advanced Solutions – Unified Communications at Telarus. This is part two of the State if the Telarus State of the Union Series: Unified Communications, read part one here.

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Advanced Solutions Team

The Advanced Solutions team oversees vetting suppliers to ensure that they are the most up-and-coming advanced suppliers in the industry. They ensure that these suppliers will make a big difference in our Partner’s customers’ lives. They also help supervise, advise, and consult with the Telarus Sales Engineering and Solution Architect Teams. They are also heavily involved in the Telarus education circuit.

Telarus has segmented the whole ecosystem of the products and services in the portfolio and put them into “technology swim lanes.”

Unified Communications Swim Lane

  • Basic UC Seat
    • Voice
    • Text
    • Video (Zoom)
    • Web Conferencing
    • Collaboration
      • Slack, Glip, MS Teams, Etc
    • Add Ons
      • CRM Integration
      • Accounting Integration
      • CCaaS Integration
      • IVR
      • Call Recording
      • AI / Sentiment
    • Premise Systems
      • Prem as-a-service
      • SIP Trunks

UC and Collaboration – The Numbers

2020 set in motion the normalcy of working from home and working remotely. Because of that adoption and how rapidly we’ve migrated toward different solutions, there were many inefficiencies, leading to reevaluations and refining of that process.

Enterprise decision-makers now trust more of the consulting model,  opening the door to our Telarus Partner community, who can lean into experts in the Unified Communications space.

UC and Collaboration – Market Size PredictionsWhen we look at how transformative these technologies have become, they lend themselves to growing margins and especially an uptick in sales.

We are at a tipping point of around 50% on-premise to cloud, with a vast opportunity to migrate customers now, SMB or enterprise.

UC and Collaboration Top 10

2023: UC Trends to Watch 

  • Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Teams has been seeing 300 million users and is here to stay. It connects in the way that a consumer needs or expects.
  • AI + Specialized Integrations
    • AI is transforming workflow and efficiency. Prices are falling to allow small and medium-sized businesses to adopt and access all of its unique features leading to much higher adoption.
  • Large Deals
    • The need for a complete technology stack integration is integral in driving large deals. Telarus has a vast supplier portfolio and the experience to help with cross-selling more advanced solutions.

Key Factors in Selecting a UCaaS Vendor

  1. Video Conferencing Capability
  2. MS Teams 
  3. Contact Center Functionality
  4. 4.APIs (Clouds talking to other Clouds)
  5. Contact Center Platform Integration
  6. SMS Capability (Ability to interact with Millennials)
  7. Physical Path of Traffic (International)
  8. Overseas Deployment Capability
  9. International Call Volume
  10. White Glove Installation (On-Site vs. Drop-Ship)
  11. Call Volume / Call Duration
  12. Call Quality / Reliability
  13. Term / Commitment
  14. Brand recognition / Provider financials

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