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When to Think Nextiva

February 19, 2020

The February 18th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed director of national master partners, Aaron Acree to discuss what’s new within Nextiva and how they are making it easier to work with them.  The entire recording is available here.

Who is Nextiva?

is a VoIP phone system that makes running business better with CRM, website chat, online surveys, SMS and video conferencing in one platform. They were founded in 2006 with the purpose of delivering amazing service. Nextiva follows three main pillars:


  • Their network strategy goes beyond the basics
  • Invest in intelligent solutions with geographic redundancy
  • Insulate businesses from hardware or network maintenance

User Experience

  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to access tools that allow for individual customization
  • Integrates more than core communication services

Customer Service

  • In-house support team with real people who are available when you need them
  • Available via email, phone, and ever social media
  • Internal culture built on motivation, fun, and helping companies succeed

So, when should you think about Nextiva?

Quoting Made Easy

When it comes to quoting requests, Nextiva likes to make it as easy as they can for you. All you have to do is send the request to channelops@nextiva.com (be sure to CC the local Channel Manager). Once you do this, the Channel Operations team will create a quote to your specifications, the standard SLA is four hours during normal business hours.

It’s important to remember that the Sales Operation Team isn’t just there to provide quotes. They are there to support channel managers and their partners in the following ways:

  • Being at HW they can assist you navigating Nextiva’s back office structure.
  • They can engage the appropriate team to determine who can resolve escalations.
  • Create sustainable quotes to meet guidelines
  • Push and process new an add-on sales
  • Audit top quotes for sustainability
  • Assist with creating Proof of Concept accounts
  • Educate partners on new tools and processes
  • Assist with sales order processing, including but not limited to quotes, contracts and billing during initial sale and customer onboarding
  • Ongoing Partner training via webinars and/or in-person

HIPAA & Nextiva

Nextiva is having a lot of success when it comes to HIPAA accounts. HIPAA compliant accounts do not provide additional security but instead comply with the additional monitoring required by HIPAA, which disables certain functionality. Nextiva requires a comprehensive Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that addresses their covered services and states the privacy, security and breach notification rules required for business associates under HIPAA. When it comes to HIPAA compliant accounts there are certain features that will need to be turned off.

Call encryption is relatively new when it comes to Nextiva, it is something they are now doing in handsets that are enabled.

Other Nextiva Products

Nextiva offers an analytics product. It’s something you can add on to the entire account in order to gain unprecedented insight into business behavior. It allows you to create and customize things such as Reports, Analytics, Wallboards, Dashboards, and company-wide Gamification. Lastly, it generates competitive advantages by empowering faster and more informed decision making.

Finally they also offer a Nextiva Advanced IVR Tool. Its key features include:

  • Create custom IVR solutions in minutes
  • Pre-route calls by zip code, area code, account number and more
  • Turn any call flow into an outbound campaign or survey dialer
  • Gather customer input and store for future use or reporting
  • Customize templates for customer surveys, appointment setter and more
  • Capture voice recordings in the cloud

To learn more about Nextiva visit, www.nextiva.com.