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Defendry Aerial Platform: Smarter Tactical Defense

March 26, 2021

The March 23rd Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Defendry senior vice president, Skyler Stewart. Skyler Stewart joined to discuss Defendry’s new Aeiral Platform where he went over why this product is needed, how it functions, and how the product can benefit people’s safety. The entire recording is available here.

What does Defendry do?

Defendry’s mission is to revolutionize emergency response by providing affordable technology solutions that help businesses maximize safety, minimize liability, and save lives. Their team is made up of proven innovators, engineers, and scientists driven to protect people from violent threats.

Defendry is well known for its visual threat detection service. It can automatically detect, deter, and report physical threats 24/7 by using security cameras.

Defendry Aerial Platform

The Aerial Platform allows clients to stop violence faster, safer, and easier using client’s drones. This service makes law enforcement work safer for everyone using this drone-powered front-line defense system. The core offering of this platform is artificial intelligence combined with software for automation.

This product serves its purpose at a time where violence and active shootings are taking place. The problem at hand is that officers and liability civilians are in harm’s way. The Aerial Platform is created to protect.

What does it do?

The Aerial Platform uses smoke and aerosol deterrents safely, can hold four canister slots, and has payload possibilities. This device precisely impedes violent offenders and protects innocent bystanders by dispensing crowd smoke or aerosol spray. This allows officers to engage in crime from a safe distance and prevent injuries from occurring on both sides of a high violence situation.

How does this protect people?

This product allows the user to break up violence from a distance. With a precision controller, remote drone piloting keeps the users safe. This platform impedes violence by delivering less-lethal munitions exactly where you need them with precision so that bystanders are not injured or affected.

The aerial platform also has an “EyesOn” video evidence function. It allows for live video streaming, Cloud media library, and payload control possibilities.

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