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Understanding the Changing Needs of Business

October 7, 2020

The September 29th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Comcast VP of managed services, Martin Capurro, to discuss how, as businesses everywhere look to address their constantly escalating need to provide more bandwidth cost-effectively, many have found that software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) provide the right solution. The entire recording is available here.

Understanding the Changing Needs of Business

It is an amazing time to be in technology. We are at a time where almost everything is becoming software-defined. It is no longer about connecting customer sites, which used to be so much of what networking was. Today, everything is about how well you can connect your customers to the things that matter. Traditionally there are fixed elements about connectivity and networking, but now Comcast is creating the software-defined rules of how they connect people to applications, webinars, and video conferences. Businesses are having to learn how to be massively distributed, and those able to adapt and change are the ones who will be successful during these trying times.

So, how does Cast differentiate?

Comcast has taken into consideration over the last year that when it comes to SD-WAN, most of their customers want control and more auto-driving. One key thing Comcast is big on is making sure their work doesn’t end at activation; they know the thirty days post-activation is what requires the most hand-holding. Here are some customer benefits of managed services:

In North America alone there, are 120,000 SD-WAN sites deployed. This is will grow to just under 600,000 by 2024. As we have said before, SD-WAN is not just connectivity between sites. It is connecting customers to the things that matter. This includes anything from multi-cloud to application databases and APIs. It is the software-defined fabric that allows customers to connect. This has led Comcast to take the product and create two versions:

Comcast Business Managed Networks is the right foundation for more cloud-based applications, digital transformations, and the successful pursuit of new business opportunities. Comcast stands out through their:

  • Scalability with options from low-bandwidth to gigabit speeds
  • Simplified, flat-rate pricing
  • Dedicated solution architects to ease the configuration process during onboarding
  • Unique digital experience, providing analytics, command, and control
  • Secure, encrypted traffic (AES 256) and integrated stateful firewall

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