New Supplier Spotlight: Assured Data Protection and Cirion

December 20, 2023

Our December 19th Telarus Tuesday Call welcomed two new suppliers to recently join the Telarus portfolio, Assured Data Protection and Cirion. Click here to access the full recording to learn more:

Doug Miller: December nineteenth, 2023.

Doug Miller: I’m Doug Miller, Director of Order experience and the voice of Telarus. Thank you for joining us today. Thisthe final Tuesday call of 2023, our
Doug Miller: last call of the year, and to properly celebrate last call. Here’s my favorite last call bar joke.

Doug Miller: It’s last call, and a guy runs into the bar

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Doug Miller: a time. Traveller walks into a bar. There you go. I’m here all week, folks.

Doug Miller: I promise I’ll be done least for a few minutes. Hey, what a call we had last Tuesday we talked about money, big money, and how to unlock the power of your residual while preserving your control. It’s the Telarus capital program offering the most innovative financial solutions tailored for channel partners.

Doug Miller: Tcp, as we call it, is fast, flexible financing, and it’s designed to support your growth and vision.

Doug Miller: It’s funding that is aligned with your goals. It’s designed to enable your growth at any stage of your business.

Doug Miller: So last week we had Pierre Romaniacci and Rod Macdab. Here they presented this discussion. It is a Tuesday call you need to hear. And here again, so you can check out that recording at any time it’s available in

Doug Miller: Well, today is the month’s third Tuesday, during which we feature new suppliers that have just joined Telarus. And on today’s call we will meet and learn about solutions available from Assured Data Protection, a cyber resistant and cyber recovery partner, utilizing rubric technology for a full, immutable backup and disaster recovery as a service.

Doug Miller: and our other new Telarus supplier introduction will be to Cirion technologies a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider in Latin America and World. Wide

Doug Miller: Cirion offers, fiber network connectivity, collocation, cloud infrastructure and communication and collaboration solutions to further Latin America’s progress through technology.

Doug Miller: These 2 new supplier introductions are coming up on today’s Telarus Tuesday call

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Doug Miller: Well, a reminder to day that our chat window is open for your comments and questions. During the call we will be conducting real time. Q. And a with our presenters at each of our 2 presentations. Conclusion.

Doug Miller: Today we are very excited to welcome 2 new Telarus suppliers to the call. It’s your introduction to the solutions they offer their differentiating factors, and how you and your clients can benefit from these newly available solutions

Doug Miller: to day’s first new supplier introduction is from Assured Data Protection.

Doug Miller: cyber, resistant and cyber recovery partner using rubric technology for full immutable backup and disaster recovery as a service. Jordan Regallo is channel development manager at Assured Data Protection. He joins us now to discuss the continuous protection that keeps your clients data flowing. Hey, Jordan, welcome to the Tuesday call. We’re very excited about this new partnership. How are you

Jordan Regallo: doing? Great Doug? Thanks for having me. I don’t know about that shrimp, Chardonnay, though I know it’s something to something that’s gonna be an acquired taste. I think I think so

Jordan Regallo: so super excited to be in the Telarus portfolio, looking forward to doing great things together. And yeah, overly excited times. And next year is gonna be an amazing one. Everything that’s happening with rant somewhere, and what we see in the news every day. I mean, it’s the time is now. I mean, the cyber security pillar is

Jordan Regallo: really the future of where.

Jordan Regallo: you know, I think this channel’s going. It’s a little frightening out there, but it’s all about the right solutions, and you’ve got some power packed ones to offer our partners that they can offer to their clients

Jordan Regallo: 100%. Absolutely.

Doug Miller: Let’s take a look at Assured Data Protection. Tell us a little bit about the company, some of your key differentiators and what partners should be looking out for as they look at those solutions.

Jordan Regallo: so high level basically Assured Data Protection, we are rubrics, access and largest. MSP, we are the first and largest, and all we do is rubric technology. We don’t really do anything else. And we have the.

Jordan Regallo: We’re very niche, which is a specialty, and one of the great things about to assured is, we’ve been around for about 8 years now, and not one of our customers has ever had to pay the ransom, and our customers are hit every single week. So really, it boils down to. It’s not when it’s you know, it’s gonna happen.

Jordan Regallo: That’s a phenomenal track record. Yeah, absolutely. And the great thing about as a service model. we don’t lose customers. And once you have Dr. As a service implemented with your client base. They are a customer for life. It is revenue and residuals that will never leave.

Jordan Regallo: I think we’ve lost 2 customers in the last. It will, since we’ve been around. And that’s not because of

Jordan Regallo: you’re not being happy with a service. It’s because either

Jordan Regallo: acquisition or bankruptcy and customers just don’t displace what’s proven and what’s going to keep them. And in business.

Jordan Regallo: I don’t know if you have the slides I can walk through. You know what we do at as a high level, and no beautiful, excellent, and next slides are really gonna show. You know, our footprint as a organization, and the dots on the map really show where we are located, where we provide the magic that we do. And in the Us. And basically, the America is our main sites in Equinix and

Jordan Regallo: in Ashburn, Virginia, and then Amia. We’re in the Uk. And then Amsterdam because of Brexit, and we’ve also recently opened up Chicago and Dallas. And we’re rapidly expanding.

Jordan Regallo: Yeah. So we have over 400. But it’s closer to 500 customers in 47 countries. andagain, we’re very niche. All we do is one thing which is rubric as a service. And we chose rubric because of you know who they are. Their niche. They do. And

Jordan Regallo: basically they’re immutable.

Jordan Regallo: Their immutability is their essential key which immutability and means, once it’s backed up, it can’t be changed, altered or deleted, and without 2 person authentication. And once the data is

Jordan Regallo: packed up, and

Jordan Regallo: it’s basically going to be Dr. In our site and which I’ll show you what Dr. As a service includes. And but again, if you want to move to the next slide, we’re

Jordan Regallo: really gonna do

Jordan Regallo: one product. We have some bolt-ons.

Jordan Regallo: but basically manage backup offset replication, Dr. And through the enterprise editions, threat, detection, and that’s active and passive threat, detection. And we can also offer bolt on products such as like and salesforce backup. So those can both be.

Jordan Regallo: Add ons that can be door openers or just value added over the top of rubric.

Jordan Regallo: So next slide is going to show, you know, really, the problems we solve as an MSP constraint, it’s the big one. So when you look at the reasons that companies haven’t implemented Dr. Yet, or they’re just lacking. It’s because they don’t have the staff to do so.

Jordan Regallo: As an organization being an as a service. MSP. We are that 24 7. It staff that will never leave

Jordan Regallo: Dr. And backup is usually tasked with a low man, the totem pole.

Jordan Regallo: So it’s usually the entry level staff. They hate their job, they quit, they get promoted, they get fired, whatever the cases they lose that to it. Knowledge. And that’s again all we do. So. We want to be that MSP. For backup. And Dr.

Jordan Regallo: And data center is a big one, because if companies have a Dr site and it’s solely for Dr. They can ditch that. Use us instant roi

Jordan Regallo: for very large organizations, as if a lot of people probably are aware of rubric. You know, they’re usually very enterprise

Jordan Regallo: where we can actually come in and manage Dr. In their own skin. So lots of different things we can do. Usually the more complex, it is the better a fit. We become as rubrics and MSP.

Jordan Regallo: And we could talk about all of them in depth, but we don’t have the time for it. But optics is a fun one. and if you want to move to the next slide, that thisprobably my favorite slide.

Jordan Regallo: because it opens eyes of everything that we can do as a service.

Jordan Regallo: So rubric, traditionally, has always been a Capex deal. No one knows it’s available as an Mrc. Based Opec solution.

Jordan Regallo: If a customer wants to buy rubric and they have that large upfront spend, it could be a hundred 1,000. It could be a million. It could be

Jordan Regallo: very, very large organizations and

Jordan Regallo: let me go ahead and acquire it. They could still bring us over the top. Oh, yeah, there we go. They could still bring us over the top. But we can manage existing group of customers

Jordan Regallo: we can provide.

Jordan Regallo: And second site replication, which I’ll show you what the second site. Replication looks like in full. Dr.

Jordan Regallo: Operationalizing rubric is the future. That’s the way customers want to acquire their technology. And that’s our gold mine together. So no matter the size from 2 TB to multiple multiple petabytes.

Jordan Regallo: we can provide entire rubric environments in an Mrc model. So thiswhere we’re just going to kill it together, because customers don’t know they have this as an option. Customers don’t want, you know, to spend that upfront spend anymore. They want this as an Mrc.

Jordan Regallo: The bottom one is actually how we’re doubling as an organization every single year.

Jordan Regallo: because Rubric’s smallest appliance starts at 30 TB.

Jordan Regallo: That’s not small. It’s not large, but 30 TB.

Jordan Regallo: It’s not S and B, okay, we can take rubric down to 2 TB through our air edge air deployments which now brings rubric available to the masses. This displaces a lot of competitive Logos where companies didn’t know existed.

Jordan Regallo: It’s also good for distribute environments. So maybe Hq. Mothership has a hundred terabytes. We’re rolling out bricks. but they have all these smaller sites, all these subsidiaries. Now you can roll out and expand these environments where

Jordan Regallo: usually it was impossible, and these small spaces are usually 60 to 100,000 upfront.

Jordan Regallo: That becomes like a 500 to a thousand dollars month solution. absolutely phenomenal.

Jordan Regallo: Going to move on to the next one. It shows a current topology. So customer on the left. we’re on the right. And thisjust an average, you know, single site customer

Jordan Regallo: and 95% of our customers still have clients on Prem because they want their on site production.

Jordan Regallo: So we can. We provide the customer with the Prem. and then we manage it, and then we give them access to cloud archive, which is cheap and deep, long term storage, and that’s like a penny a gig. We come in on the right

Jordan Regallo: where we’re providing a full second side of their data, and that’s important for anything that could happen on Prem. It could be hardware. It could be natural disaster. It could be disgruntled employee where were providing a full, clean copy of their data, and then we’re providing the Dras. And next slide will show the Drz. But we’re rubric, Rupert.

Jordan Regallo: so fully immutable all the way around, and we support all the major Hypervisors, and so not just the main ones. We even do Newtonics, Hv. And we have a lot of solutions to offer customers around their Dr. Needs.

Jordan Regallo: and the next one the fun one. Because thisDr. Thiswhere you want your customers at the end of day, because thiswhat happens if they hit with ransomware. If

Jordan Regallo: whatever could take place on Prem, we can restore them with Rtos and Rpos based on their and business needs. Usually it’s about 70 vms an hour.

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, but we provide their customer unbooks. They’re automated boot or scripting.

Jordan Regallo: We give them a dedicated firewall into this instance. If they want to bring their own, we’ll rack it and stack it for a fee. And

Jordan Regallo: but the 2 DR. Test per year critical.

Jordan Regallo: because customers just don’t know how ill-prepared they are for a disaster.

Jordan Regallo: and thefirst one we do with the customer

Jordan Regallo: gotta tell you it’s pretty darn ugly, and they just don’t know, and if they were hit they’d be out of business or bankrupt. Yeah, or be down for a month or 2.

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, by the time they do 2 or 3 with us

Jordan Regallo: they are in perfect ready state.

Jordan Regallo: and again, not one of our customers ever had to pay the ransom in 8 years, and they already hit weekly.

Jordan Regallo: These Dr. Tests can be up to 6 days, full resources included

Jordan Regallo: and fully hand held, and we give them reporting

Jordan Regallo: every single time. So it gets better and better every single time. It’s absolutely phenomenal on what Dr. Includes, because

Jordan Regallo: that’s where they get their warranties. That’s they can sleep at night.

Jordan Regallo: and they won’t be in the news.

Jordan Regallo: So these are just thedifferent ways that we bring rubric to the market. Thisfor a brand new customer, and the chat came in. Yes, we’re absolutely global, and we have services in 47 countries, and there’s nowhere. We can’t provide services as an organization. And if we need to open up another data center support a large environment, we’ll do so. We’re actually looking for Canada and Latam today. And

Jordan Regallo: so when we roll out the service tiers tier one is our entry level. That’s where we’re providing that appliances on-prem. We’re managing. And we’re given access to Cloud Archive Tier 2. I kind of call it best effort, Dr. Because we have a clean copy of their data in our data center.

Jordan Regallo: But we haven’t built the run books. We haven’t done the yeah, the Dr. Test. So it’s gonna take a while to get them restored. But we have a clean copy. They’re not gonna be down hardened out.

Jordan Regallo: Tier 3 is where you want your customers to end date, because that includes all Dras capabilities, and we can restore them as if nothing took place.

Jordan Regallo: The next one’s actually half our business.

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, actually didn’t show hybrid. So I’ll mention hybrid hybrid is

Jordan Regallo: an offer that you can take to your existing rubric base. So any existing rubric customer out there?

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, there’s almost 6,000 of them. And you can actually go after them. If you ever hear the rubric name.

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, ask them very simple questions. First, congratulate them on buying the best technology out there. And how’s it going?

Jordan Regallo: What’s what’s your offset replication plan was last time you tested it

Jordan Regallo: and just sit back. And they’ve already invested

Jordan Regallo: a lot of money on rubit technology, and we come in and

Jordan Regallo: grow that revenue.

Jordan Regallo: And then that revenue becomes yours. And then when the renewal comes up.

Jordan Regallo: guess who they’re gonna call. They’re gonna call you.

Jordan Regallo: And then you can transform them from that upfront, upfront spend to the opex model so that they don’t have to write that check again, and then I can go. Mrc, have someone else manage it and do their Dr environments.

Jordan Regallo: So when you look in the average rubric customer, they’re usually very large.

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, very name, recognizable Logos. Yeah. But we have Logos that aren’t on these slides where we sell liquor stores and trucking companies.

Jordan Regallo: 2 2 TB we have Disney as a customer, multiple petabytes, so there’s no size or niche out there. It’s absolutely every industry out there and every customer, because every single person’s gonna experience rent somewhere in the foreseeable future.

Jordan Regallo: It’s a scary world out there.

Jordan Regallo: So we can go in very, you know, a lot in depth into the weeds. There’s so much that we can do, and as far as our competition.

Jordan Regallo: If you look at rubric.

Jordan Regallo: there’s none, and we are the only access to rubric in the Channel.

Jordan Regallo: There’s no other MSP’s in the Channel that offer rubric as a service.

Jordan Regallo: If you look at competitors to rubric, it’s gonna be, you know your beams, your data’s, your convolts, your cohesives. And if you look at MSPs, there’s probably hundreds of MSPs that support those Oems. No one else does. Rubric. We are the only access to rubric, and

Jordan Regallo: very, very powerful.

Jordan Regallo: because we co-sell with rubric. And if you have any rubric relationships out there.

Jordan Regallo: You want to utilize them, cause they will be your

Jordan Regallo: feet in the street, and they only sell. Your partners.

Jordan Regallo: Might as well be you. and we’ll help you build those relationships. And we have marketing campaigns in a box.

Jordan Regallo: and we can help roll out your offering with us instantly. And we’ve actually, I know Angela, put those 2 spiffs on there.

Jordan Regallo: but we’ve created something that is 50% hiring commissions for the next year for Telarus to partners.

Jordan Regallo: And we want to crush it together, and we have another 9 months to do so. Actually, it’s 11 months, my apologies.

Jordan Regallo: So, Doug, that’s all I have, unless people want to ask questions. I can talk about this for

Jordan Regallo: on and on, because I actually love this industry. And thisthe new pillar for the partner community

Jordan Regallo: in cybersecurity. I think we’re the foundation.

Jordan Regallo: and we open the doors to many other fingers within cybersecurity. But

Jordan Regallo: and truly thisgroundbreaking for the partner community.

Doug Miller: It is indeed. We are speaking today with Jordan regala of Assured Data Protection. One of our newest Telarus suppliers, and we do have a few questions and comments from our partners that are listening in and you made some great points. II just wanted to say one thing on the front end. First of all congratulations. That is a very impressive track record. 8 years. Nobody’s paid a ransom that is extremely impressive.

Doug Miller: and you brought up the point about those scheduled tests it. It. Most customers just don’t know if they are prepared

Doug Miller: unless they’re actually doing that testing. And that is a moving target throughout the year. I don’t even think we know what sort of threats are going to be available, sick or around in the industry. 6 months from now. I just can’t emphasize that piece of it enough. But

let’s talk a little bit about your presentation here, and a couple of the questions that folks had? A few of these questions were already answered. There was a question about international availability, and I think you touched on that. There was also a question from one of our partners about size of customer, and you mentioned that it really doesn’t matter size you. You have a bit of a niche solution, but not a niche customer base at all.

Jordan Regallo: Absolutely so. Rubric, traditionally, is pretty large enterprise logos. They start at 30 TB, and that’s usually $100,000 box.

Jordan Regallo: and we’re with our deployments. We can go down to 2 TB which average customer pricing starts at 200 bucks a terabyte, so we can take the traditional 100,000 upfront sale with all the bells and whistles, with draz included for sub 1,000.

Jordan Regallo: I think our average customer is 5 to 10,000 a month. But do we have

Jordan Regallo: 500 month customers?

Doug Miller: One of the observations that we had came from Brad Corell, Brad always has fascinating background to share. Everybody understands how phenomenal rubrics can be, and what a great opportunity thisto access that now within the channel. He does bring up the point about rubrics backups does incremental backups during scheduled backup times but on every 60 backups there’s a much larger, full backup that takes place

Doug Miller: that can happen at potentially an inconvenient time or use massive amounts of bandwidth. Are you able to control that in some way, so that customers using the rubric technology can ensure that

Doug Miller: their operations are not affected by a large scale backup.

Jordan Regallo: So we’re 24, 7, 3, 5. We work with customers, no matter what the schedule is. The first backup is always a full, and everything else is incremental for life, and we’ll work on the customer schedule for those incrementals

Jordan Regallo: and cloud archive is where we put customers data that’s long term, cheap and deep storage. But the

Jordan Regallo: yeah, I mean, every customer is different, and we will support their backup the needs

Jordan Regallo: by customer requirement.

Doug Miller: And, Brad, thanks for the observation.

Doug Miller: for those of you that are unfamiliar with this particular presenter. It’s because they’re brand new. It’s Assured Data Protection. Our newest Telarus supplier. And we’ve got a couple of other questions that came in our QA. Window. And I wanna talk about operations here in a second. But there was a specific question about your reference to marketing in a box.

Doug Miller: What’s involved with that? And how do partners access more information about it?

Jordan Regallo: Yeah, so we have. We’ve developed over the last couple of years. Very in depth, partner Portal. That’s where we have.

Jordan Regallo: and mark and collateral that partners can slap their logo, put their contact info on it almost instantly. And we have email drip campaigns. Either we can do it on their behalf or they can take our. I guess what we’ve done and do it through their own systems. If they want to use

Jordan Regallo: our back office, we give them

Jordan Regallo: and access where they can market it out. We give them all the

Jordan Regallo: data on click throughs, downloads, and whatever they do with that info is up to them. We don’t act on it. And there’s a lot of different scenarios we’re actually doing, save the data is, next year they’ll be announced in the next. Probably, I guess, the week after Christmas before the New Year. But we’re doing at least 20 save the data events. They can take advantage of their customer facing

Jordan Regallo: simulate ransomware attacks.

Jordan Regallo: You know, they’re about to. They’re gonna be spread across the country. But they’re basically 2 and a half hour and simulated ransomware tax that takes them through initial breach all the way through. People are losing their jobs and companies going out of business, you know, followed by a hour long, happy hour, where

Jordan Regallo: their prospects will just drink away their pains, because it’s very, very

Jordan Regallo: insightful in eye opening, and it’s meant to be customer facing. So we’ll drive their pipeline for life, and we’re doing a lot of stuff right now, and

Jordan Regallo: we’ll provide partners that are interested in going to market with rubric as a service. All the ammunition they need for those partners

Doug Miller: for those partners who may not be as familiar as others with rubric technology. One of our partners asked the question, what specific security problems does rubric technology solve. You want to give the30 s pitch again on exactly what rubric is and how you incorporate it into your solutions.

Jordan Regallo: Absolutely. So. Rubric is cyber resiliency. They’re cyber recovery. They are protecting the critical backup and data that keeps companies in business. And so when you look at.

Jordan Regallo: I guess companies that are hitting the news. They can’t operate without that data, because hackers are coming in and they’re encrypting that data where a company can’t access anymore. And once they do so, they’re paying the ransom.

Jordan Regallo: and they’re not paying the ransom just once. They’re paying it 2 or 3 times, because they’re not always providing all that data back. andthis.

Jordan Regallo: this data is the critical component toan organization.

Jordan Regallo: What we’re doing is providing that appliance on prem, and

Jordan Regallo: which is not enough.

Jordan Regallo: Lot of companies think it is. But if something happens to that on-prem data, then you recover it from somewhere. A lot of them are just using the cloud, which it’s a little scary, because recovering from the cloud. And there’s a lot of cost involved, and it’s time consuming.

Jordan Regallo: We are that second site off site copy. And your very large organizations are putting a second copy of their data offsite, which is a requirement for cyber insurance as well. And so, if anything happened on Prem, whether it was hardware, related, or natural disaster, it could be almost anything. It could be a disgruntled employee just took a hammer to it, and they have a clean copy off site, which is our data center.

Jordan Regallo: And then the Dr. Initiatives, which is those customer own books and automated boot or scripting so automatically that their data is being recovered.

Jordan Regallo: If something happened on Prem, they can actually live in our skin while they recover on. Prem, yeah. So

Jordan Regallo: there’s lots of scenarios. Every single company out there

Jordan Regallo: needs their data backed up, or they risk of being hit with hackers and paying the ransom or going out of business. There’s a lot more to it than that. But I mean, that’s very high level 30 s.

Doug Miller: and it’s a growing risk. Let’s talk just a little bit more about the pricing model. It’s an opex. MRC. Model consumption model pricing. Is there any kind of an upfront cost to partners that wish to take advantage of this technology.

Jordan Regallo: So we don’t sell anything upfront to. And a good thing to know about us is, we also don’t sell hardware, and everything we do is consumption based. So if a company has, say, 50 TB, we’re billing them on 50 TB, we’re gonna roll out equipment on Prem. That’s probably capable of 70 to 80 TB. But we’re only gonna bill them on 50, and we’ll have quarterly business reviews with them and upgrade them on their existing data at that time. Yeah, but

Jordan Regallo: we’re not selling them an 80 TB appliance, which is what rubrics gonna do so. It’s very compelling. And the customers want this model because they don’t have to worry about

Jordan Regallo: oversizing for future growth. They are only going to pay for what they need, and we’re going to keep growing with them as time goes on up or down, so they don’t have to

Jordan Regallo: by that area terabyte box when they know maybe a year down the road. They’re gonna be 30 TB. We’re gonna be continually sizing them and average pricing is about 200 TB, but very large, or I guess once you go past 30 TB, pricing is drastically less.

Jordan Regallo: but everything we do is based on what the customer requirements are

Jordan Regallo: the con consumption model and the opex model, and is wait the wave of rubric out there in the field.

Doug Miller: Alfred’s anticipating my next question. Here we’ve got partners who are already thinking they may have some opportunities for Assured Data Protection. How can they get more information? Number one, to start selling this to our markets. And what are those next steps that they should be doing to try to generate some interest in and begin having conversations about assured data, protection solutions.

Jordan Regallo: Well, I love to. I love to do trainings enablements get out there in the field to train sales and engineering staff, so reach out. I’ll give you access to our portal, and do one one say. as as far as you know, going to market with rubric. There’s so many different avenues. But you know, we’re excited to go to market andbuild this business with everyone.

Jordan Regallo: But

Jordan Regallo: yeah, I mean, reach out. I’m available. Very good as far as rubring.

Jordan Regallo: I mean rubric is excited as well. So

Jordan Regallo: rubric reps want to work with the channel, and if there’s interest in them partnering with rubric reps. I’ll make the introductions. And

Jordan Regallo: and really rubric has almost 6,000 customers now.

Jordan Regallo: and we can do account mapping. There’s there’s a lot of avenues to market

Jordan Regallo: again, rubric does not sell direct, they only use the channel. So

Jordan Regallo: thisa very powerful relationship.

Doug Miller: It’s absolutely huge for Telaris and for all of our partners as you mentioned. Thisthe only way to access rubric through the channel. You’ve got an astounding track record. It’s it’s so easy to set this up. And yet the benefits of using this technology are just outstanding for partners, clients. And as you mentioned, every single one needs this technology. It’s an ongoing and growing need

Doug Miller: Assured Data Protection. One of our newest Telarus suppliers thrilled to have you here on the call today. Jordan. Thank you very much for introducing it to us. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of inquiries, and we can’t wait to have you back soon to talk about all of the success.

Jordan Regallo: Beautiful. I appreciate the time, and to Doug it’s been a pleasure I’ll stay on, and if there’s anything else at the end. But

Jordan Regallo: again looking forward to working the happy holidays. And

Jordan Regallo: yeah. it’s crushing.

Doug Miller: Thank you very much. Yeah. Jordan will stay here. If you’ve got more questions. Go ahead and put those in the chat. He’ll be able to respond there. And to day’s next new, supplier introduction is to Cirion technologies. Cirion is a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider in Latin America and world. Wide

Doug Miller: Cirion offers all the things you’d want to get fibre network connectivity, collocation, cloud communication and collaboration solutions to further Latin America’s progress through technology.

Doug Miller: Today we are thrilled to be joined by Oscar Fontalvo. He is channel sales and marketing manager at Cirion technologies and Daniel Malfonati. He is Channel sales manager. They both join us now with detailed information the solutions and the opportunities available from Siron, Oscar and Daniel. Welcome to the Tuesday call! How are you both?

Daniel Malfinati: We’re fine, thanks. I’m excited to be here.

Doug Miller: We’re really thrilled about this new partnership. This has been a long time in getting set up, and can’t wait to hear more about what Cirion offers, not only what you offer, but where and how partners can take advantage of it.

Oscar Fontalvo: Yes, doc, thank you for first. Wanna give you. Thank you for given the opportunity to present our Cv. On solutions toLado’s audience, and the partners

Oscar Fontalvo: and you know, happy to be a partner with the serial brand

Oscar Fontalvo: but as some of the people in the audience, I know. We are basically the former Lumen

Oscar Fontalvo: up Latin America operations. So we have. You know, experience and working in the region and providing network solution for over 30 years. You know, the initial stage from 0 was back in the 2,000 with global crossing.

Oscar Fontalvo: And you know, we’re then level 3, and then central link and Lumen. So so basically, we start operations in 2022

Oscar Fontalvo: but we have, vast experience in providing no solutions in

Oscar Fontalvo: we can. We have, a slight deck we can.

Oscar Fontalvo: You can put in there. So basically on the first slide. I just wanna mention that. You know, the customer is looking for a digital infrastructure and intechnology and technology partner in Latin America.

Oscar Fontalvo: So your customer basically needs Cirion we offer. As you mentioned, we offer a fiber networking. We offer a connectivity

Oscar Fontalvo: collocation and cloud infrastructure and coloration solutions in the region.

Oscar Fontalvo: We also have a a wide coverage of data centers and networks throughout the region.

Oscar Fontalvo: andwe can also partner with the other providers. To give your customers the best regional solutions. So we tailor our services to customer satisfaction and from sales to operations. So Serine is just not a regular telco provider. We are basically a a partner that you can trust

Oscar Fontalvo: to do business. In Lanark we have a history of as I mentioned, of providing services. We excel

Oscar Fontalvo: in providing those services and one of the main differentiators is that we know the region.

Oscar Fontalvo: And our solutions are, you know, regionally competitive.

Oscar Fontalvo: So if we go to it’s like 2

Oscar Fontalvo: hmm

Oscar Fontalvo: over here. Basically, we have. Cirion technology isa brand new as a new brand. But we’ve been operations for a while, so

Oscar Fontalvo: we have presence in all major countries, especially in, in the major countries we have a a robust infrastructure.

Oscar Fontalvo: but in total we have 20. We have presence in 20 countries.

Oscar Fontalvo: We have around 6,400 customers many of them are us, based companies doing best doing business in ant America as well as European and Asian companies also. And we presence in the region. So we have about. We own subc networks, and we go to slide 3

Oscar Fontalvo: and thisa one. Our main differentiator is our infrastructure. So we own subc cables. So we own them. We also own terrestrial networks that connect countries. And we also have fiber networks in each of the countries. So we provide networks. And we provide national networks in all major countries.

Oscar Fontalvo: So basically, if

Oscar Fontalvo: if if you

Oscar Fontalvo: if your customer have a need for connectivity and or data center, most of the cases, the customer will be on net will be on our network, and in a few cases we will be off net, providing probably last mile, or probably off net to a small country. But in most of the most of the time your customers will be on it on our own network.

Oscar Fontalvo: so if you look at the map you can see that our subsea cables connect the east coast of the Us.

Oscar Fontalvo: You know, we have connectivity in Florida, also in New York, and we connect to the Caribbean.

Oscar Fontalvo: and from the Korean we go to the east coast of the South America, where we connect to Venezuela. Brazil.

Oscar Fontalvo: Argentina, we go across the Andes. We connect Chile.

Oscar Fontalvo: Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, and then we connect to the west coast of the Us.

Oscar Fontalvo: we also own 18 data centers. And when we so we own we own the real estate. We all we own the infrastructure inside the data centers. And in those data centers are located in all the major countries in the region.

Oscar Fontalvo: And we also are expanding our footprint currently. So we getting a lot of demand for data center services. So we are spending considerably in Brazil, in Argentina, in Colombia, in Peru.

Oscar Fontalvo: and soon in Mexico.

Oscar Fontalvo: and in addition to that, we also connect to nay, 90 data centers from third party providers in the region using our own network.

Oscar Fontalvo: So we provide basic labor, robust infrastructure from connectivity and data centers. And I see one of the questions, do we, bill in the Us. And locally. Yes, we do both.

Oscar Fontalvo: we built a customer who wants to pay their bills in the Us. we can build that. andif the customers want local billing

Oscar Fontalvo: in the countries, we can do that also a lot of con, a lot of customers. They like to the local billing because of taxes purposes. So we can do that. We have operations, local operations, because we sell to customers in country, too. So we have enterprise customers in Colombia and Argentina, Brazil, and we build them locally, and we can do the same for multinational accounts.

Oscar Fontalvo: And also, we wanna mention that we own teleports, satellite teleports. So we provide data satellite services for the whole region. So we complement basically all the networking needs for the customers. And you can consider serving as a one. Stop shop all the networking needs

Oscar Fontalvo: or your customers. If we can go to a slide or

Oscar Fontalvo: over here is our second differentiator. In terms of you know, the solution set that we provide. You can see on this slide. We have a very robust service portfolio

Oscar Fontalvo: where we sell to local. As I mentioned regional enterprises as well as multinational accounts.

Oscar Fontalvo: So we have this experience in selling legacy services, such as Ethernet, Mpls ways

Oscar Fontalvo: solutions as well as the new enterprise. Transformation solutions such as

Oscar Fontalvo: Sashi no cloud infrastructure, cloud connectivity security services. So I know this is a lot of products and services that we sell. So we are available

Oscar Fontalvo: to have a group sessions. To go earning to go over any specific solution set that your customer might need

Oscar Fontalvo: in those sessions. We will be able to include our sales engineers and our subject matter experts our Smes. So we can go in details in any solution that the customer might have.

Oscar Fontalvo: And moving to the next slide to slide. 5.

Oscar Fontalvo: Our third differentiator is our customer centric approach.

Oscar Fontalvo: Cirion is committed to you know, delivering positive customer experience

Oscar Fontalvo: from sales to service activation andnetwork operations.

Oscar Fontalvo: We have, a proven record delivering very successful and complex project

Oscar Fontalvo: to some of the most demanding you know, customers, we have on our customer base. We have, companies from the financial markets from manufacturing from banking. So so we are. We have the experience in doing with the global customers.

Oscar Fontalvo: And is a very loyal and certified customer base that we have

Oscar Fontalvo: next slide.

Oscar Fontalvo: Right? Definitely, Daniel. Talk about the next customer. Case. Then go ahead, Daniel. Thank thank you. Oscar. As a as a case study. We like that. We’re probably like share with you.

Daniel Malfinati: It’s regarding a leading Cyber security company that was ex willing to expand its services in Latin America at the beginning they were just looking for collocation and IP connectivity in the major markets and for the pilot project we had style we had started with just Mini rack and some IP connection 100, Meg, to begin Argentina.

Daniel Malfinati: and we’ve been so successfully de. This project was so successfully deployed, and the customer was really happy at a time that we’ve been awarded for the rest of the sites that were thoroughly deployed in Brazil, and every location in all data centers that we hold in Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Colombia

Daniel Malfinati: not now discuss customers being working with us for more than 5 for more than 5 years, and they have realized and trust on us as a one stop shop for the solutions of Latin America, and at the moment we can tell you that they are upgrading their solutions to 100 gig IP ports, and not only pro purchasing collocation services, but also buying and other services that can be using their networks to provide the services that they sell

Daniel Malfinati: and for the next slide this is, briefly, how we can show you how to engage with us directly. We have a brand new team waiting for your request, waiting for your request that you can reach out to us at. I’m to interact.

Daniel Malfinati: Dash quotes at

Daniel Malfinati: for the moment have 2 sales Channel managers working with us which you one. It’s Oscar Fontal who was the presenter from the beginning of this stack, and also myself. Dan, I’m off, Nazi. We can. We’ll be working together, and you’ll be more than glad to support you with your with any request that your customers may have for connectivity network

Daniel Malfinati: set the voice service data services and collocation service in Latin America as well.

Daniel Malfinati: and also at the latest portal, you’ll be able to find more information about serial. Can can find an ex an example of our

Daniel Malfinati: a sample of our marketing collateral and also highlight information about our products and more to come for 2024, a Taylor sales centers program that we are working for the Ts that makes business with. With Cirion.

Daniel Malfinati: Okay?

Daniel Malfinati: Well, it’s all they have. For the moment we are more open to doubt for every questions that you have about. How can we support and work together on those requests on those projects?

Doug Miller: Great presentation, powerful information? Thank you both. We’re speaking with Oscar Fontalvo and Daniel Muffinati at Cirion technologies. I was thrilled that you went back and brought up. thefact that you have this huge legacy of this network and the facilities that you have because you have basically taken over that. The Latin American portion of the old

Doug Miller: Lumen network, if you will. With all of that history that went along with it, I think that’s huge as partners. Take a look at these services and solutions, and say, You know, thisa very long standing and reliable history of facilities and offerings that are available now through, sir, on technologies. But I know everybody’s got the same question, and Vini articulated it. Well,

Doug Miller: what sort of locations should partners be looking for in terms of using Siron? Is it primarily anyone who’s located in those specific countries that you mentioned? Or could it be other global prospects that just happen to have offices there, what sort of customers would be the right ones that we should look at geographically for Siron services.

Daniel Malfinati: You, cannot you, we’re open to all kind of customers, locally customers and also global ones, right? Specifically, American companies and American companies that, regardless where they are headquartered. But in case of needy services in Latin America you can come directly to Sue, it’d be more than glad to work together on every kind of project that touches Latin America.

Doug Miller: We talk a lot, especially in the introduction today about digital transformation and so forth. But you offer such a wide range of services because you’ve got basic telecommunications services there. But then you also get into digital transformation that we talked about. But data centers security, all sorts of voice and collaboration. The gamut is really wide in terms of the solutions that you offer.

Oscar Fontalvo: Yes, and the reason is theas I mentioned, we start developing all these solutions. The legacy, you know, solutions were developed back in the 2,000 when we used to be global crossing until we have the Mpls, yeah, theInternet, we plan. But as we progress andwe move into other companies like Level 3 and the central link we start introducing

Oscar Fontalvo: new services. And one of the ladies is, you know, sassy, we using leading vendors with 14 net and one of the solutions that we offer and then with the cloud connect one of the main differentiators that we have is that since we have these data centers and someone.

Oscar Fontalvo: some of the main cloud providers are either in our data centers or we connect to them. So basically, the cloud is in that time before customers have to use connectivity services to-and reach Aws or Microsoft or Google

Oscar Fontalvo: or Ibm cloud services. Now they are connecting your region, and they using our infrastructure in our data centers to connect directly in region. So you know, Lane C isis, you know, lower than then going to the Us. And customers are, you know. Aws, is your Microsoft and Google. They’re moving a lot of their you know their

Oscar Fontalvo: services in country and customers can connect there locally.

Doug Miller: and you’ve got a full range of managed services as well.

Oscar Fontalvo: That is correct. We have manage services we go from, you know, for manage network services to application manage services database management. And we provide a lot of those services we provide to, as I mentioned, to local and regional enterprises, andsome of the multinational, we have huge multinational accounts. They have

Oscar Fontalvo: huge operations in region. So they use some. Our services for the local subsidiary in con in region.

Doug Miller: Tell us a little bit more about thefocus that you have on invigorating and building the Latin American markets as well.

Oscar Fontalvo: When you say the folks you mean the the

Oscar Fontalvo: the companies?

Doug Miller: Yeah, in terms of some of the

Doug Miller: design is to help build and grow industries located in these countries, but also just the the

Doug Miller: the business itself, in terms of being able to serve more customers and focus on those regions to help grow and invigorate them.

Oscar Fontalvo: Yes. So so basically, since the new owners with Cirion they’re focusing in the business is to basically invest a lot infrastructure.

Oscar Fontalvo: So we are investing a lot in the subset. We are incrementing our capacity there.

Oscar Fontalvo: We’re investing a lot in metro networks in 2023 we invest a lot in Mexico.

Oscar Fontalvo: Mexico is becoming one of the main countries for offshore industries that used to be in other parts of the world. But now they’re moving towards the Us. Border.

Oscar Fontalvo: andso we’re building a lot of metro networks in Mexico that will connect to the Us. Across border and cadet. That was one of the main cities where data centers would be built. And we are building one there. So so we’re focused a lot of where the demand is coming from, not only from the local and the regional companies, but also from multinational accounts.

Oscar Fontalvo: Brazil is also one of the main countries where we see a lot of demand, we are expanding our network services there. As I mentioned, our data centers will build in new data centers. So we will have

Oscar Fontalvo: the system. Data centers have been there for a while. So now, this new owners are focusing on less built because cloud is growing and it’s not gonna stop growing and demand from cloud services isis huge. So we see the opportunity that as we build more data centers, we’re gonna capture a lot of the business, not only in the region but also coming from global accounts

Doug Miller: and a huge focus of Siron technologies is this digital transformation that we talk about? What are some of the internal resources that you have to help partners and their clients design appropriate solutions for their specific needs.

Oscar Fontalvo: So you know, we are investing in automation. We taking the opportunity to as we separate from Lumen is, we’ll have to implement new systems.

Oscar Fontalvo: So we take the bridgend to implement the newest where we automate a lot of the you know the operations, the back copies, operations. So customers, our partners will be able to. Initially, we put there that we have the email. The customer can send thequote request. But eventually we want our partners just to launch into our our own tool and get the cost directly from there. So we are basically besting on a new

Oscar Fontalvo: Mac office, where will be from quote to catch will be as automated as possible.

Oscar Fontalvo: you know, towe under. we understand that today, when our partners and our customers who pause the quote, sometimes it takes longer than we want. But the idea is to show that the interval of response to our customers.

Oscar Fontalvo: that that, that is 1, 1, one part, the other is that we have dedicated teams teams that that work with with our partners, and also with the customer. So we have in terms of pre on the pre-sale side. We have, you know the indirect channel is one part, but behind us

Oscar Fontalvo: there’s a a a big team supporting us our partners and our customers, and then for the full sales. We have dedicated teams we call customer service managers.

Oscar Fontalvo: andthey are. They support the customer. And we have dedicated them. You know we have. They have accounts assigned, and they work full time with those customers for any poll sales concerns. They have

Doug Miller: terrific Oscar. Thank you. We’re almost out of time. But Daniel, want to give you the last word, anything you want to add

Daniel Malfinati: pretty much. We’re really, really looking forward to work with you. Okay, for the project that touch Latin America, you can know. Know how to reach out to us. Have we just input if our counted our accountants there, and feel free to reach us in case of need.

Doug Miller: Very good

Doug Miller: Cirion technologies, a brand new Telarus, supplier, just loaded with opportunities and solutions for our Telarus partners. Thank you both, Oscar Fontalvo, Daniel Malfonati, for being here today and introducing us to Siron technologies. Great presentation. We look forward to having you back soon.

Oscar Fontalvo: Thank you, Doc. Thank youarus. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks.

Doug Miller: Our thanks to Cirion technologies and Assured Data Protection are 2 presenters to day, powerful introductions and a great discussion, thanks to all of you for participating as well. No. Tuesday call next week, December 20 sixth or the following week, Tuesday, January second. So here’s one more last call joke. 2 people walk into a bar.

Doug Miller: the third one ducks

Doug Miller: stay with it. It’ll hit you later. Tuesday. Call returns on January ninth. From all of us at Telarus. We hope that your holidays are filled with happiness, success, joy, and peace, thanks to each of you for your business and your friendship. This year we look forward to all of the exciting opportunities that 2024 will bring. I’m Doug Miller, the voice of Telarus. We’ll see you in the New Year. Take care, everybody!

Oscar Fontalvo: Thank you. Merry Christmas! Thank you.