Cybersecurity Tuesday Call(2-2)

February 24, 2021

The February 2nd Telarus Tuesday call welcomed back Telarus co-founder and chief product officer, Patrick Oborn with the fourth of seven product and supplier inside calls. The special guest for this call was Telarus VP of business development -Cybersecurity, Dominique Singer, to discuss the 2020 review, Cybersecurity framework, Cybersecurity sales focus areas, and upcoming educational and certification opportunities. The entire recording is available here.


Cybersecurity 2020 Year in Review:

At Telarus, our partner participation increased 67%, the total number of orders went up 110%, and our MRC increased 84%. It is important to note that these percentages all took place during a pandemic. During this time, Telarus also added new Cybersecurity suppliers for 2020, including Foresite, CyberCompass, Maxxsure, Secuvy, Alert Logic, Minim, and others.


Cybersecurity Framework:

To do Cybersecurity right, you have to start with a framework mindset. By putting a framework into place, you establish a baseline to put the fundamental building blocks of Cyber resilience in place. This is the vital starting point, and from there you have the ability to measure the success, progress, and areas that need improvement.


Fundamental steps

Identify: This category covers all Assessment activities.

General Cybersecurity consulting, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, compliance readiness, virtual CSO, phishing simulation, awareness training, and business impact analysis.

Suppliers in the “Identify” category include IGI, ForeSite, Cybercompass, Flexential, Ntirety, AT&T, Verizon, Quest Technology Management, Maxxsure, IBM, RSI, and many others.


Protect:  These are technical and logical controls to protect systems, data, and people.

Managed security services (Firewall, Web, Email), global DDoS protection, endpoint protection, managed Cloud firewall, privacy & data protection, zero trust, and software-defined perimeter, micro-segmentation, mobile enterprise management solutions, remote user VPN, patch management, and secure access service edge, physical security.

Suppliers in the “Protect” category include Thrive, Magna5, ForeSite, Defendry, Open-Systems, Cato, Masergy, AT&T, Lumen, Verizon, Omninet, Quest Technology Management, IBM, Transmosis, Command Link, Rackspace, RapidScale, and many others.


Detect (Threat Management):  AKA “Log Management” – the goal of this is to rapidly detect threats.

Intrusion detection and prevention, security log monitoring (SIEM), advanced threat hunting, SOC (security operations center) as a service, advanced threat detection and awareness, machine learning / AI, Cloud security monitoring, threat analytics, managed security service (MSS), managed detect and respond (MDR), and manage endpoint detect and respond (EDR).

Suppliers in the “Detect” category include Cybraics, IBM, ATT, Lumen, Ntirety, Alert Logic, Nitel,  Open-Systems, Cato, Masergy, Rackspace, RapidScale, Transmosis, Thrive, Magna5, and many others.


Respond: Actively responding to, containing, and removing Threats

Incident response, containment and eradication, active remediation, MSS remediation, automated endpoint response, SOC alert and notify, advanced global incident response, and automated quarantine and containment.

Suppliers in the “Respond” category include IGI, Quest, ATT, ForeSite, Rackspace, Verizon, Thrive, Netrio, Masergy, Flexential, Synoptek, Green House Data, and others.


Recover The crux of resiliency:  the ability to recover from Threat outbreaks.

DRaaS, BUaaS, business continuity planning, asset reconstruction, and recovery, and consulting and design.

Suppliers in the “Respond” category include Magna5, QTS, Rackspace, RapidScale, IGI, Tierpoint, IBM, Green House Data, Sky Data Vault, and others.


Cybersecurity Sales Focus Areas:

Think of these as different buckets or groups to sell Cybersecurity solutions. The framework is the concept or idea used to put Cybersecurity into practice, as a foundation, from which to baseline and march towards continuous improvement.  This is the only way to achieve Cyber resilience. These categories are areas of opportunity to sell to customers, allowing focus on the bigger picture and, most importantly, be a thought leader for your customers. These five categories are the business challenges for Cybersecurity and need to be solved to deliver Cyber resilience.


If you would like to know more about the sales focus areas, please email:


Upcoming Educational & Certification Opportunities: 

Upcoming Telarus Security Academy dates:

April 19 – 21, Dallas, TX.

June 14 – 16, Scottsdale, AZ.

September 20 – 22, New Jersey.

October 6 – 8, Jacksonville, FL.

November 15 – 17, Chicago, IL.

Upcoming Telarus Security Pit Stop dates:

The calendar can be found on our website.

February 23rd.

March 2nd.

April 6th.

May 5th, 12th, 25th, and 26th.

July 7th.

August 26th.

October 21st and 28th.