Fusion Connects 2022 Company update

June 17, 2022

The June 14th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Diane Frazzetta, VP Channel and Alliances, and David Rogers, Sr. Manager, Solutions Engineering, for Fusion Connect. They provided an overview of Fusion Connects 2022 Company Updates. They also highlighted Fusion Connects current solution set, reviewed a recent Channel strategic Win Use-Case, and reiterated their commitment to the channel and customers. The entire recording is available here.

About Fusion Connect

Fusion Connect is a leading provider of integrated cloud solutions focusing on serving mid-market and enterprise businesses. With Fusion Connect services and solutions, you can reduce your phone costs, collaborate with your workforce more efficiently, and simplify your network management.

They securely connect business locations and remote workers with internet, secure managed networks, and cloud communications across the U.S. and Canada. From West Coast to East Coast (and a few spots in between), they offer live technical U.S.-based customer support daily. 

Fusion Connect Updates

Connect. Protect. Accelerate.

Your journey to a connected, secure, and frictionless work environment.

Connect refers to connecting your clients to their employees and end-user customers anywhere on any device at any time, in their secure, protected environment.

Management Philosophy

The management philosophy is one of the vital components of Fusions Connects culture that enables them to meet the objectives of their long-term growth strategy. The Fusion Connect team is empowered to make decisions to optimize client outcomes. Fusion Connect is committed to a frictionless experience for its customers and partners.

Customer Journey

  • Collaborative Design
    • Fusion Connect works with you to understand your unique businesses and technology environment and tailor solutions that deliver optimized business outcomes today and in the future.
  • Project Management and Rapid Implementation
    • Fusion Connect offers a dedicated project team that leverages a time-tested and proven delivery methodology that enables rapid solution implementation with minimal disruption to your business.
  • Lifecycle Management and Optimization
    • Their continuous improvement approach dynamically delivers the latest technology to your environment and is backed by an industry-leading service guarantee.

Industry-Leading Service Guarantee

This guarantee is related to Fusion Connects next-gen products. This is a game-changer for Fusion Connect as it gives them the ability to put their money where their mouth is when guaranteeing a frictionless experience for its customers.

Managed Security

  • Optimized Application Performance
  • UCaaS, SIP & CCaaS
    • Own proprietary switch
    • Call center functionality
  • Calling Services
    • Cisco Webex
    • Microsoft Teams
  • Managed SD-WAN
    • SD-WAN Pro Solution
    • SD-WAN Enterprise Solution
    • Real-time protocol fail override
  • Management Portal
    • All services are viewable in the portal
  • Diverse Nationwide IP Backbone Network Connectivity
    • Many different platforms that they own and operate
    • Great Support that is rapid and repeatable
    • They own and use their IP Backbone

Analog Phone Line (POTS) Replacement

Hosted Voice

  • Analog Employee and Reception Phones; Traditional desk or reception phone lines run across a POTS or Centrex line into a business to deliver dial tones to individual phones.
    • Solutions may include primary Hosted lines and Unified Communications (UCaaS) on either WebEx or Microsoft Teams.

Analog Endpoint Line (Digital Business Line Basic)

  • Analog Endpoint Devices: many devices in office and campus locations still use copper lines for fax machines, point of sale (POS) terminals, vending machines, ATMs, gate entry systems, and paging systems.
    • Solutions may include an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) delivering between 1 & 8 lines or an Integrated Access Device (IAD) that can handle up to 24 analog ports.

Digital Business Line w/ Battery Backup

  • Analog Fire, Elevator, and Security Alarms Legacy elevator, security, and fire alarms generally use POTS lines to deliver a stable and reliable connection. To be NFPA 72 -compliant, next-generation communications systems require a redundant power source with a minimum of 8 hours of power.
    • Solutions may include either a Fusion Connect provided ATA and UPS with the option of having wireless failover (2 line minimum) or a Cable partnered solution.

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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