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The Engineering Platform that ends the debate.

May 20, 2022

The May 17th, 2022, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Telarus CPO and Co-Founder Patrick Oborn. Patrick. He joined this call to introduce and review SolutionVue™. This is a Tuesday Call that you do not want to miss. The entire recording is available here. 

About SolutionVue™

SolutionVue™ is the platform for the premier online engineering tools that enable our network of 4k+ technology advisors to gain access to the SME expertise Telarus has accumulated for over 20 years in the advanced solutions space. Powered by the individual Quick Solution Assessment (QSA) modules, within SolutionVue™, our QSAs create a prioritized action plan that includes supplier recommendations, education, and quantified business risk. The QSA output is delivered, in Microsoft Word format, to both the advisor and the client within 5 seconds of the QSA completion.

What does it offer? 

Multiple Modules 

SolutionVue™ has multiple modules that help to expand the depth and complexity of client conversations.

Increase Credibility

SolutionVue™ will help you increase your credibility with clients and increase wallet share as integrated deals are crafted.  


Customizations You Need

SolutionVue™ QSAs are fully customizable to match your style.


For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.  

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