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DirecTV for Telarus

April 20, 2023

The April 18th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call featured guests from DirectTV and DSI, including Rob Kostensky, Jeff Cochran, Dave Serafica, and Devin Webber. Following their last call in June 2022, DirectTV and Telarus partners have made great strides in establishing a diversified pipeline of leads through the first quarter of 2023. During the call, they shared insights on some promising “low-hanging fruit” verticals that are expected to generate substantial monthly recurring revenue from activated DirectTV sales in the coming year. Their partnership with Telarus is highly valued, and they expressed their enthusiasm for a prosperous 2023. . The entire recording can be viewed here. 

About DirecTV

DirecTV is a leading TV provider for businesses nationwide, including hotels, hospitals, Sr. Living facilities, bars, restaurants, sports clubs, universities, and small businesses like nail salons, barbershops, retail stores, gyms, and more.


DIRECTV for Telarus 

  • DIRECTV is available for every type of business in the US with no zip code or address qualification.  
  • Some national accounts are protected based on the current relationship with DIRECTV.  Continue to submit all leads to DIRECTV via Sara Plus, and DIRECTV back office will determine eligibility – ACE program.   
  • Telarus partners can realize real-time quotes through the Sara Plus tool and 24 -48 quotes for L&I and complex orders. 
  • DIRECTV installation can occur within 3 to 5 business days, depending on the type of business. Telarus partners have real-time exposure to the status of the installation. Masergy’s unique advanced secure network platform has helped Comcast Business and Telarus partners exclusive deals for their clients. 

DIRECTV and DSI: Designed to support Tech Advisors  

DIRECTV for Business Scope 

  • Sales training support on DIRECTV programming packages 
  • Quarterly sales guides and receiver cheat sheets 
  • Monthly or quarterly sales contest based on new sales 
  • Sports programming and other special programming 
  • Commercial video delivered via satellite – OTT in 2024 (Stream) 
  • Customer Challenge 

DSI Scope 

  • Back-office  DIRECTV via SARA Plus sales tool 
  • Onboarding for SARA Plus and ordering process 
  • Sales and technical engagement for L&I and Complex solutions 
  • Order tracking and complex project management 
  • Monthly commissions paid by DSI to Telarus 

Multiple Dwelling Units

Property Types  

  • Apartments 
  • Condominium complexes 
  • Private student housing 
  • Townhome communities 
  • Trailer homes 
  • Motorhomes* 
  • Directv pay’s 6% CSF  

Commercial Compensation  

Recently launched a 12% MRR to drive growth in the channel.  


  • Monthly programming Package (less ABP discounts) 
  • All sports packages and other programming services 
  • Monthly receiver fees paid by host partner @ $7 per unit 
  • Increase in MRR based on ABP discount hitting term – $20  
  • Total MRR / CSF is evergreen to Telarus & Advisors 

Lodging & Institutions  

  • Monthly programming for the life of the property agreement (avg. five years) 

Telarus Business Opportunities  

  • Multi-location DIRECTV opportunities allow for higher realized MRR to  Telarus & their partner. The end user realizes one bill for all locations, discounted programming, and one point of contact for all their storefront’s DIRECTV video needs. 
  • Lodging & Institutions available across all 50 states Telarus and its partners to receive CSF on total MRR. 
  • Non-Profit opportunities available for businesses with significantly discounted programming  
  • DIRECTV Stream for Business to be available in 2024 to those customers interested in an Over-the-Top platform.  Satellite products will remain the go-to product for business clients in 2023. 
  • DIRECTV is still negotiating NFL Sunday ticket for business solutions for the 2023 season 

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