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LastPass at a Glance

August 3, 2020

The July 21st Telarus Tuesday call welcomed LastPass Channel Evangelist, Sid Castle, to discuss simple, user-friendly ways to tighten your customer’s Cyber Security stance. The entire recording is available here.

Current Security Landscape

You can now stop wasting time writing down, remembering, and resetting passwords. With LastPass, one master password rules them all and keeps the rest locked up in a secure vault. Today over 17.8 million people use LastPass, and four out of five professionals choose it.

One of the main drivers of teams adopting an IDaaS solution is cybersecurity.  With a forty percent increase in targeted phishing or cyber scams in the past month, it is clear cybersecurity is as important or, if not more important than ever. Eighty percent of data breaches involve weak, reused, or stolen credentials. The average total cost of a data breach ends up tallying at around $3.9 million. There is now an urgency in the market to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack by controlling access and managing passwords.  The truth is that minimizing the risk of data breaches involving weak, reused, or stolen credentials is not simple. With the average employee keeping track of 191 passwords and actively using thirty-six cloud services, it is impossible for employees to manage all these passwords securely without help. Also, IT may not even know about all the applications that their employees use. IDaaS solutions help to mitigate the risks of a cyberattack by ensuring the right users can access the right tools, at the right time, for the right reason, and takes the burden off the end-user.

Companies are solving these identity security challenges by deploying single sign-on, authentication, and enterprise password management. LastPass offers all three of these technologies allowing them to solve Identity challenges in a holistic fashion that differentiates them from competitors who only offer one or two of these technologies.

Enterprise Password Management

LastPass provides Enterprise Password Management. EMP solutions capture and store passwords for all your website and application logins. It also generates new, secure passwords. EPM solutions make it easier for employees to have strong password hygiene and use secure passwords without having to remember them.


When looking at LastPass MFA, the key differentiators are:

  • Biometric authentication factors including face and touch ID
  • Adaptive authentication to flag any abnormal behavior during the employee login process
  • Enable granular control with policies on geofencing, IP address, and access point
  • Security by design where the biometric never leaves the user’s phone
  • Passwordless experience

Single Sign-On

LastPass offers Single Sign-On, also known as SSO, with pre-integrated access to over twelve-hundred applications. SSO provides the capability to authenticate once and be subsequently and automatically authenticated when accessing various applications. It also enables employees to use one single, secure password to access all applications and systems approved by IT. Businesses that purchase an SSO solution are likely looking for ways to reduce the time the IT team spends resetting passwords. They want to increase password security within the org, and they want to put greater control and visibility into employee habits in the hands of IT.

LastPass Packages

Three core technologies  compose LastPass business offerings. Their packages are sold on an annual-only contract minimum, and they have a 10-seat minimum for their business solutions.

When looking at their first package, LastPass Enterprise, there are a few items that set them apart from the pack.

  • The only industry-leading password manager coupled with a single sign-on application catalog of over 1,200 pre-integrated apps
  • Custom, granular control with over 100+ custom policies (7x more policies than the competition)
  • Built on a zero-knowledge security model
  • Optimal balance of experience & security

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