Artificial Intelligence

Telarus AI Summit Spotlights Cutting-Edge Solutions to Drive Customer Impact

March 13, 2024

By: Jen Dimas, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Telarus

On February 29, 2024, the halls of the Thompson Hotel in Dallas, Texas were buzzing as Telarus technology advisors from across the country gathered for a landmark event in the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence (AI). The inaugural Telarus AI Summit marked a significant milestone, offering a valuable chance for advisors to delve into the advancements of cutting-edge technology and hear from industry thought leaders. Participants gained insights into practical applications addressing current business challenges, facilitating business growth in the process.

Forging a Path in the AI Frontier

Telarus advisors participated in an illuminating day of keynotes, expert panels, and use-case-specific presentations from a list of leading technology providers in the AI space.

The day opened with an enlightening session on the fundamentals of AI, setting a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s evolution, capabilities, and ethical considerations. This wasn’t a lecture; it was an interactive deep dive into a domain that is shaping the future.

Keynote Segment Positions AI as a Gateway to Business Transformation

The summit’s keynote, anchored by Telarus CRO Dan Foster, explored how AI is quickly becoming an enabling force that can revolutionize the core of any business model. In a thought-provoking analysis, Foster and Kristy Thomas of E78 Partners charted the converging lines of AI, digital transformation, and customer experience.

A deep discussion panel, featuring top industry minds, highlighted use cases that spanned industries and appealed to businesses large and small, from cyberattack prevention to medical record transformation, to global call center optimization and beyond. The expert panel included Max Noxon, Principal Sales Engineer with Dialpad, Adam Burke, VP of Sales and Partnerships at Quest Technology Management, Pat Bodin, Global AI Architect at Cisco, Robby Gulri, Director of Partner Success at RapidScale, and Kristy Thomas, VP of Enterprise Technology Solutions at E78 Partners. Real-world applications of AI took center stage.

Pat Bodin, Cisco’s Global AI Architect, best summed up the criticality of talking about how AI is being leveraged today when he said, “Most leaders are not talking about real-life use cases. Technology leaders need real-life examples of how AI can be applied for meaningful outcomes. Make sure you bring these to the table.”

Another highlight of the summit was a series of vendor sessions focused on leveraging AI through currently available use cases in all technology areas including customer experience, IoT, cloud management, and cybersecurity. These sessions provided a comprehensive understanding of AI’s deployment across multiple touchpoints, resulting in unprecedented levels of business outcome delivery via increased productivity, security, customer experience and cost-savings.

Attendees discovered what it takes to infuse AI into customer service, IT back-office, and marketing, with use cases underscoring the seismic shifts this human-in-the-loop technology can create. The spotlight didn’t just fall on success stories but on the methodology, pitfalls, and possibilities of AI integration.

Curtis Phare, a Technology Advisor with SafeCloud LLC came to the Telarus AI Summit with a specific agenda. “AI is something all of my customers are talking about. I wanted to find out some of the practical ways that AI can be leveraged today for impact in their businesses.”  When asked if he had learned some of the things he came for, he remarked, “Yes, I have. In the CX arena, I saw an amazing demo of a solution that helps customers using offshore resources to correct accent and language differences. In the area of cybersecurity, there are many opportunities to leverage AI for signal management and escalations; this is an arena that interests me.”

Our AI summit wrapped up with an exclusive tradeshow, featuring 27 providers who engaged in valuable discussions with our technology advisors. The tradeshow served as an effective platform for learning and networking.

The Future Is Now — Experiencing AI’s Potential First-Hand

The Telarus AI Summit wasn’t just about theory or presentations; it was about experiencing the impending future. Through live demonstrations and interactive workshops, attendees saw how AI can predict customer behavior with alarming accuracy, streamline operations, and amplify relevance. Attendees left with a clear sense of what’s possible and more confidence in placing this technology with their customers.

Culminating Thoughts — The AI Summit as a Catalyst

The first Telarus AI Summit went beyond providing information; it sparked conversations, forged connections, and set in motion a wave of innovative thought. For Telarus and the tech community at large, this gathering stands as a testament to the virtue of shared knowledge in pushing the envelope of what’s possible.

With the curtain falling on the inaugural AI Summit, a singular truth has emerged — AI’s trajectory isn’t a solitary one. It’s intertwined with the stories of the businesses that dare to employ it, the lives that touch it, and the customers that experience its impact. It is clear that the future AI has illuminated is one we can all look forward to.

We are thrilled to look back at the success of our first-ever Telarus AI Summit, a highly anticipated event that saw the gathering of respected AI experts and suppliers from the industry as well as our knowledgeable technology advisors. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all presenters, participants, sponsors, and organizers, and are excited to observe the innovations and success stories that will emerge from the event. Keep an eye out for updates on Telarus’ 2024 Partner Summit, which will prominently feature AI content, and our next AI Summit happening in the Fall of 2024!

Learn more about how AI can help advisors like you grow your business and increase your customer influence with Telarus’ AI whitepaper, “How AI Solves Today’s Business Challenges: A Guide for Technology Advisors”.