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What’s New in Telarus Support – The Latest from Marketing, Sales, and Operations

August 31, 2023

What only happens four times a year? The fifth-Tuesday-of-the-month Partner Call, of course! This time, we welcomed our operations, sales, and marketing leadership to answer questions about the new ways Telarus is supporting its growing community in this ever-evolving digital age. Check out the highlights below, and dig into the full call recording to get the most out of this engaging session with our senior leadership. 

“There’s a lot of new technology coming in the portfolio without a track record. As the largest TSB, we have the scale to be out in front of the enablement of suppliers to advance advisors and customers in areas of emerging tech. Whether it’s AI, CX, UCaaS…we’re able to see at a level where we can deliver unique insights into the who-where-when.” 

– Dan Foster, CRO 

Here’s what leadership had to say about some of the latest Telarus developments to support your business success:   

Supplier and sales enablement 

Dan Foster, Chief Revenue Officer: We’re constantly looking at how do we land the right solution our technology advisors are trying to bring to their customers and how suppliers are feeding into that. With our new head of product Nate Juraschek, we’re working at compelling new ways to look at pre-sales and post-sales to keep a pulse on how suppliers are doing in this fast-changing environment. New tools like SolutionVue QSAs are a great first step in matching the right supplier with a particular business challenge. Nate will also be looking at new supplier rating engines across the entire sales cycle.   

New education opportunities  

Jen Dimas, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer: One way we’re helping our advisors keep up with all the change is new education course offerings through Telarus University, offered online and live. We’ve reshaped our program to offer three customized tracks to meet advisors where they are in their journey as they adapt their businesses: Gear Up, Anchor In, and Ascend. 

Our online hub is also an incredible resource for supplier education. Our suppliers are continuously publishing and refreshing their content so you can see the latest, greatest ways to introduce new supplier solutions in your selling conversations. 

And of course, there’s our banner education event, the Annual Partner Summit, where you can learn from top experts in the channel via dozens of learning sessions, expert panels, and keynotes. It’s always a fantastic experience – save the date for August 2024 in Nashville!   

Operations support 

Bryce Hayes, EVP of Operations: With the vast expansion we’ve seen of technology and suppliers, the game has changed, and Telarus is working hard to evolve its support accordingly. Five years ago, networking dominated transactions, and the action was specific: a partner requested a quote, they ran with it, and the commission was straightforward.  

Now we’re in a more fluid environment with advanced solutions, which drives over half of our business. You’re seeing up-and-down licensing, bills, usage costs. And the process is unique for all of these things. We are building in time for experts throughout the cycle. There are many more specific roles within operations to address more complex transactions. We have had to broaden our support across the organization. Now it’s more about quality trumping speed as we look to best support tech advisors and their customers. 

What else we learned on the call: 

  • Best ways technology advisors can utilize engineers and solution architects across the sales journey 
  • Marketing campaign tips for growing your advanced solutions business, using SolutionVue as your hook 
  • New investments in tools and resources for post-sales installation and escalation support  
  • Updates on international market expansion, including Canada and EMEA 
  • Where leadership sees our industry and Telarus going in the year ahead, what to keep your eye out for in digital transformation, and more on Telarus’ plans for supporting these trends 

Have a question for Telarus support? Reach out to If they don’t have the answer, they will do what it takes to find it.  

View the full recording of the August 29th Tuesday Call.   

If you’ve never attended a Telarus Tuesday Partner Call, it’s a great way to stay informed about changes in the Channel and get updates on new advancements, news, and announcements from Telarus Suppliers. And with a new format and content, now is the perfect time to come on board.