AT&T Cybersecurity: Collaborative Cybersecurity

March 30, 2023

The March 28th, 2023, Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Alex Huber, National Partner Development, Elia Cohen, Associate Director of Technical Sales, and Richie Thompson, Cybersecurity, AT&T.  AT&T discussed their key differentiators in the cybersecurity channel and their Threat Detection and Response. The entire recording can be viewed here.

About AT&T Business

AT&T’s world is rapidly transformed by the widespread and growing availability of 5G and fiber. AT&T is leading the charge with their nationwide fast, reliable, secure 5G coupled with their growing, multi-gig fiber internet service.

As much as they depend on broadband connectivity today, this is only the beginning. AT&T is strengthening its network to enable everything from smarter homes and cities to high-quality remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, and sophisticated new workplace collaboration tools. By 2025, they estimate that users will consume at least five times more data than in 2021.

Providing those connections is in AT&T’s DNA. Since Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone more than 145 years ago, AT&T has been a leader in connecting people and businesses. They believe they have the resources, focus, expertise, and people to be the best connectivity provider through 5G and fiber.

AT&T Cybersecurity

The Differentiators 

  • Adequate security for customers of all sizes
    • Gain a trusted cybersecurity team that scales.
  • Deliver threat detection and protection solutions.
    • Identify, detect, and protect against attacks on endpoints, remote employees, and cloud instances.
  • Reduce cost and complexity.
    • Our Staff Augmentation capabilities elevate cybersecurity on demand.
  • Variety of security controls
    • Align a range of effective security tools based on the needs and budgets of customers.

Portfolio Highlights

  • 24×7 Managed Threat Detection and Response
  • 24×7 Managed Endpoint Security
  • Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Management, and Penetration Testing
  • Incident Response Retainer
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • IT and OT
  • Carrier-Agnostic DDoS Defense
  • Mobile Device Management and Threat Defense
  • vCISO, Risk Management, and Strategy

Organizations are facing unique challenges today.

More than 7,000 organizations worldwide trust AT&T’s Cybersecurity. 

DNS Security Advanced Overview  

  • Inspect all outgoing DNS traffic and block malicious requests before it hits the internet.
  • Blocks phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks early in the hack chain before contact with bad guys is established.
  • Blocks bad requests and lets reasonable requests proceed as normal.

How do customers make this work? Customer points their DNS address to the AT&T DNS Security Advanced Cloud.

New or existing broadband customers buying fiber connections with DNS Security Advanced would configure their DNS address to forward to AT&T DNS Security Advanced cloud. Once they change their DNS IP, all their internet requests go to the DNS Security Advanced cloud. This helps serve as a safe on-ramp to the internet to deliver optimal security because they stop the request from going out before it reaches the bad guy. It is more effective if the malicious attack is stopped earlier in the kill chain; this solution increases effectiveness and improves security posture with no performance impacts.

Managed Threat Detection & Response

Key Benefits

  • Continuous security monitoring of your environments
  • Our technology, threat intelligence, and SOC expertise in one solution
  • Orchestration with your security stack and ours (AlienApps + AT&T MSS)
  • Gain a trusted advisor for your security and compliance efforts.

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