Unified Communications

Unified Communications- What, Why, How

January 19, 2021

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Whether you have a knowledgeable understanding of UCaaS or starting to learn, Telarus can provide you with the help and resources you need. UCaaS or unified communications as a service is a cloud-based technology that allows customers to converge all the ways that its users communicate into a single platform. The single platform includes voice, video, chat, text, email, and screen sharing. UCaaS most commonly replaces a customer’s on-premise PBX. It includes a mobile application or softphone to communicate without a desk phone and integrate with critical business applications such as email and CRMs.   

Why Sell UCaaS?  

This is the question of all questions, and the answer is simple. Besides network services, UCaaS is the most popular service customers request, and Telarus sells. A business’s ability to communicate with its users and customers 24/7 and 365 days a year has never been more critical. Many customers are still hanging on to traditional on-prem PBX’s that are in dire need of replacement.   

By working with Telarus, our partners can sell the best UCaaS suppliers in the world and find the supplier that fits a customer’s individual business needs. UCaaS suppliers offer some of the largest incentives/spliffs in telecom. These spiffs can range anywhere from 2 – 10x. It is also good to know the type of MRR that this product brings to the table ($500 + MRC, 1–3-year contracts).   

What can Telarus do for you? 

There are beneficial ways that Telarus can support you. Our sales engineers are available to join partners on discovery calls with prospects. Engineers can be white-labeled as a member of your own company. Telarus also offers the Back Office, where you can use the UCaaS Matrix for supplier features, functionality, and common integrations. Lastly, you can engage with your Telarus SPDM to set up introductions with supplier channel managers and contacts to get a deeper understanding of a supplier’s offerings.

Have questions? Contact our team and ask away!