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Managed Network Edge solution powered by Cisco Meraki

December 22, 2021

The December 21st Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Jim Boyer, Managed Services Specialist, for Spectrum. Jim presented how Spectrums Managed Network Edge solution, powered by Cisco Meraki, will benefit the needs of your customer requiring the latest technology in Security, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, and Analytics-based security cameras. All are easily managed from a single Cloud-based management platform. Jim gave a brief demo of the Meraki portal and discussed how Spectrum supports this solution from a Co-Managed option to a 4-hour repair SLA. The entire recording is available here.

About Spectrum

Spectrum is a champion for your unique needs. As your enterprise demands more from you, you demand more from your enterprise technology partner. Spectrum is committed to helping you reach your boldest ambitions. It takes more than great technology; it takes a great partner. It all starts with understanding your unique technology needs, then building a plan to meet them. They’re committed to providing a seamless experience with reliable and scalable solutions that can help you grow.

Managed Network Services

Spectrum has a complete portfolio suite of services that offer Fast, reliable connections to manage data, drive application performance, and access the cloud.

Managed Network Edge

The Cisco Meraki Portfolio that Spectrum enhances with additional features.  These features genuinely separate Spectrum from other providers in relation to Cisco Meraki.

    • 4 Hour MTTR
    • Hardware Replacement
    • 24/7/365
    • ETS + Tech Onsite
  • Management Options
    • Client Managed
    • Co-Management
    • Spectrum Management
  • Proactive Monitoring
    • On-Time Provisioning
    • Proactive Outage Notification
  • Overall Value
    • Free Up Time
    • Reducing Liability and Responsibility
    • OPEX and Licensing

Modular Options for Managed Network Edge.

This solution is unique in the industry because the Cisco Meraki Solution makes up the entire LAN And WAN infrastructure, which allows you to log in to a single management platform and see all of the active devices.  It can put everything under one umbrella and one provider.


NME Network Design



Easy self-service visibility and control with real-time status and reports.  The Portal allows the users the manage all of the different devices.  The Portal shows the user a vast array of analytics and features such as utilization, what applications are being used, and any activity inside the network.

You can pull information from the LAN infrastructure and access any topology from any connected devices that are part of the Cisco Meraki solution.

MNE has defined critical network thresholds that proactively notify customers of how the MNE service is performing. Clients can customize and express their alerts in the dashboard and send them to specific groups or individuals.

Site to Site VPN

More businesses are migrating away from traditional options such as Ethernet and MPLS because MNE offers Simplified network expansion with automatic VPN.

  • A new MX registers its uplink IP, public IP, and local subnets.
  • It establishes a site-to-site VPN connection.
  • The new route is propagated to all its peers via the dashboard with unique and pre-shared keys.
  • Reinitiates tunnels if there is an issue or failure to connect.

For more detailed information discussed in the call, please watch the recording on YouTube! The entire recording is available here.

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