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What Sets Genesys Apart

September 28, 2020

The September 15th Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Genesys director of channel sales, Jay Litttleford, to discuss the incredible opportunity to sell contact centers to your customers, how to spot a deal, and why Genesys Cloud is the right solution to solve your customer’s problems. The entire recording is available here.

How to Spot a Deal

Genesys knows that the most successful partners sell contact center solutions, and they want to make sure you know how to spot those deals. Here are a few ways you can tell if your customer is a good fit:

  • 8XX Number(s)
  • Website with e-com/chat
  • Large Network buy recently
  • Help Desk (internal)
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Inside Sales
  • Key Verticals
    • Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Education, Technology or Retail

When it comes to working with Genesys, you don’t have to be an expert in contact center. Genesys will engage with you and let you decide how much or how little you’d like for them to be involved. This means that if you want to identify an opportunity, Genesys will run with it after the initial introduction, and you’ll still be compensated.

Why Genesys Cloud?

Genesys Cloud makes it possible for contact centers to run smoothly. It can create fluid customer conversations across digital and voice channels, predict and understand customer issues before they escalate, or before they even happen. It also makes it easy for agents to resolve issues fast with an intuitive interface. This empowers employees to find solutions and collaboration tools that let them talk, video, chat, and search. Lastly, it creates better business outcomes by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce and other CRM tools to add context to customer journeys. Their differentiators include:

  • $250M in Research and Development, and planned for the foreseeable future.
  • Built on AWS
  • Continuous delivery of features, w/out interruption (150 last year)
  • Created using microservices architecture for reliability
  • All-in-one, NATIVE CC/US/WFM/AI
  • A powerful and unique AI story
  • No one knows large global CC operations like Genesys

The most recognized global brands deliver their customer experience with Genesys.

So, when should you think of Genesys?

  • Prem to cloud migrations (Avaya RT7 EOS)
  • Inferior cloud to Genesys Cloud
  • Both all-in-one or stand-alone CCaaS
  • A true omnichannel cloud solution
  • Looking to use AI to re-invent their business

Case Study

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