Equinix is Where Opportunity Connects

December 9, 2020

The December 1st Telarus Tuesday call welcomed Equinix partner development manager, Gizzelle Akin, to discuss Equnix’s offerings, how you can incorporate Equinix solutions into your other product sales, and the tools and resources available to help you find new opportunities. The entire recording is available here.

Why Equinix?

A common question over the years has been, what does Equinix do? Equinix has been evolving rapidly in recent years, solving a wider set of challenges for their customer with an ever-growing suite of products and services. This has pushed them to develop a new company positioning message along with plenty of resources to help you tell the Equinix story to your customers. Equinix is the world’s Digital Infrastructure company. Digital leaders harness their trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Equinix has realized many of their customers utilize resources like Cloud Providers and SaaS applications, and this means they place data outside their own four falls. They have enhanced their offering to become a platform to interconnect the world and allow everyone to experience the benefit of interconnection. Equinix now has thousands of customers in their environment and has created an ecosystem for customers to connect directly to each other. This means their customers do not have to rely on public internet, VPNs, or cost-prohibitive MPLS services.

Picture1As of today, ninety-six percent of all internet traffic goes through their environment. So, how does that help your customers? Interconnection helps organizations compete in a digital world. When companies connect directly with each other, they improve performance by reducing distance and reduce costs by eliminating networking expenses, this is the power of interconnection.

  • Physics of Proximity – Network traffic cost can be reduced by 60% when two parties connect directly versus connecting by internet or MPLS.
  • Economics of Aggregation – A 30% reduction in latency can be achieved when two parties connect directly instead of connecting over a distance using the internet or MPLS.
  • The Network Effect – The value of interconnection is increasing with the number of available counterparties, creating a network effect.

For example, think of a mid-sized business. They are most likely connecting to Office 365, a video conferencing solution like Zoom, and a UCaaS system like RingCentral.  They must travel to that service and back and then to the next service and back to communicate with each service or between services.


By putting Equinix in the mix, they can travel to an Equinix facility and then connect to all the places, partners, and the possibilities they desire. This is done without having to touch the public internet again.


How to Uncover Opportunities

Equinix is the center of the cloud world, and they can be part of what you are selling today. All the suppliers listed below and so many more are part of Platform Equinix.

Picture4When talking to a potential customer, the following can be used as qualifying questions:

  • Is your company using or planning to use more than one cloud provider?
  • Would have a presence in a single facility that provides access to thousands of networks, cloud, and IT providers be of value to your company?

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