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January 2023 New Suppliers with Telarus 

February 6, 2023

Read below to check out the newest suppliers added to the Telarus portfolio.  



As one of the original mobile expense management (MEM) vendors, MobilSense continues to lead with vision and advanced functionality. Founded in 2001, their focus has been to deliver customer-focused functionality via a scalable architecture that meets the needs and economies of small, medium, and large businesses and the extensive demands of Fortune 500 enterprises. 

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 At Everstream, they understand that for business, bandwidth is oxygen. When it’s there and abundant, no one thinks about it. When it’s gone, getting it back becomes everyone’s only focus. The requirements of a business are different – they’re critical. Everstream was founded because they believe business deserves better. It’s why they built the Business-Only Fiber Network. Everstream serves mid-sized and large enterprise businesses. Their network brings more than 25,000 route miles of fiber and speeds up to 100 Gbps. They bring your customers fiber, speed, scale, and expert support.   

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Asset Black

Asset Black promises US-based engineering, sales, billing, and account support 24/7. Their services offer the lowest latency and highest uptimes available in the industry while ensuring adaptability and flexibility as your business grows. They pride themselves on providing personal service, which separates us from the usual offshore call centers. They offer Guest and Employee Networks that are separated from and do not traverse your existing WAN Network. Asset Black is compliant with Federal, State, and Local regulations and FDIC, Universal Service Fund, SOC 1, and SOC 2 compliant. Unique pathway construction is available for custom applications. We offer and scale services for companies large and small.   

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Replicant’s platform allows consumers to engage in natural conversations across voice, messaging, and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues without the wait, 24/7. 

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At Neostella, they take a solutions-based approach to hyper-automation and use cutting-edge technologies that deliver your business objectives. Let them show you how hyper-automation can free you to focus on higher-impact work and take your business to the next level. 

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Stärken Technologies 

Headquartered in the Cincinnati, OH market with resources located throughout the U.S., and Canada, Stärken Technologies offers consistent, predictable, and comprehensive design, procurement, installation, and support services for channel partners, technical partners, and global fortune 500 companies. Stärken provides a total solution, including centralized service dispatch, SLA contract management, consulting, technology integration, materials management, and project management.   

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Fortis is the only payments partner dedicated to transforming commerce into your competitive advantage. They are here to guide you through your unique commerce journey and equip you with the right tools and capabilities for your industry. They are designed to support the commerce needs of Software Providers, Marketplaces, and Developers. Their commerce guides have vertical expertise enabling them to tailor our proprietary payments platform to deliver unique commerce experiences for today and tomorrow. 

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While telecom expense management and IT can be challenging, or perhaps even “hard,” working with Juvo isn’t. They have certified telecom professionals who enjoy their jobs and a management platform that puts end users firmly in control of their entire IT environment. From health care to education, from finance to logistics, Juvo’s “people, platform, and processes” all work in concert with each other, allowing us to provide customized yet simplified solutions for customers across a vast expanse of industries.   

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